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Wednesday, February 09, 2022



Your piñata work has been some of the most impressive pieces I have seen all of 2021. How did all of this start? 

That is really sweet of you to say! It means a lot, thank you. Well, I know I didn’t invent piñatas, duh. I’m certainly not the first and won’t be the last to make them either! I like to think of it as a recognizable (and fun!) form of communication. For a long time, I made piñatas for close friends, family and special occasions. In June of 2021, I broke my leg and was honestly more sad than in actual, physical pain. Anyway, one day I posted something on my IG story offering up my piñata making skills and the orders just trickled in. In the span of 4 months I made 30+ piñatas. I was in the zone lol it cheered me up a lot… and the very least, it kept me busy. 

Do you work w/ recycled products to make the piñatas?
Yes! I do. I try to use all my cardboard and plastic bottles. I know piñatas usually just become trash so I started also experimenting with ways we can keep them as a sculptures. 3 of those sculptures have been in shows - I’m very proud that. Piñatas are definitely something I will continue to explore as a medium. 

You are known to be such a crafty, inventive, and creative soul. What goes on in your brain when creating the pieces?
Well, first of all, most of the piñatas are usually commissions. So, the first thing I think about is how can we simplify this message? The next thing I think about is ‘Can anyone just go and pick this up at a party store?’ If the answer is Yes, I’m not going to make it. I will turn the commission down. I just really love it when people ask me to make them something unique.

When it comes to sculptures, I really try to tell a story. I also want to express a feeling. I also have borrowed inspiration from artwork I’ve created in the past- recreating it as a piñata. It’s really as if a whole new world has opened up in my mind haha To be honest, lately I just want to make my pieces bigger and bigger. I want to take up space.


I love how you want bigger pieces and admire when you turn down a commission if it can be picked up at a party store. So what’s the most unique piece you had to make?
They’ve all been pretty special, but I guess off the top of my head, it would be the lantern fly. Or is a moth? Whatever it is, they got to stomp them out as a piñata and IRL. AND it was for a community garden party which I thought was so fitting!

One of your many talents - you are stylist. What’s your favorite part when it comes to styling?
My favorite part (when it comes to styling) is seeing the final product. I love seeing how all the tiny details that I carefully chose come together. People think it’s so easy, but it’s taught me a lot about holding onto a vision while still learning to go with the flow and deal with obstacles along the way. Which is honestly a pretty good life lesson haha I also love finding the beauty in every mundane corner of the day. I know it sounds mad corny, but art truly is everywhere.

Not corny at all! Art is everywhere, we see it in our lovely mother nature. Forgot to mention and it is in the realm of styling (fashion) but you created a Telfar bag piñata. Tell us about that moment. Another for the resumè!!!
The Telfar bag piñata! So I made a small pink Telfar bag piñata and I wrote to their PR person on their site asking for an address to send it to. Can you believe they wrote back with an address and a PS- we’re sending you a bag as a thank you, pick one! I was SCREAMING. What an amazing brand. It felt so special and it happened a week before my birthday! I’m a fan for life. 

What project are you currently working on?
I am currently working on designing the office for Summer Search- a teen mentorship program in NYC. It’s a big project for me, so I’ve dedicated the last two months to it. I’ve been a prop and wardrobe stylist for 13 years. Leaning and evolving into the world of interior design has been a great learning experience and I’m so thankful for the opportunity. People try to put creatives in boxes, but wearing different hats has really helped me stay curious and inspired.

For the readers, where can we find Rosemary?
Find me on IG! @afrosemary 
And my website 

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