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Friday, January 14, 2022



My best friend, Gina, said that to me. This is dedicated to her words and how she always is there to help me when my horns need adjustment. Thanks G! 

I think what people tend to forget, it's ok to be a mixture of feeling "negative" and positive.  It's hard being the "cool chick."  It's hard navigating winter time, pandemic time and everything in between.  I'm trying to use this platform and this segment of "FRIDAY FEELS" to express myself in a way that is different than your average inspirational coach, lol.  My life path number is 3 - the lovely creator/creative.  My voice and my writing is what I want to practice on here.  Even if I may not make sense, or am heard, or even seen - I am always thankful for the 10 visits that actually take the time to read as opposed to the 100 bypassed mindless scrolls that liked a photo of mine but really didn't even ACTUALLY "SEE" IT.  LOL.

Ok back to that title above.  I'm not sure if this is you but as seasons change so does my mood.  I'm a bit more withdrawn and moody but it's all for the good.  It's a time for reflecting, letting go, and there is nothing wrong when you feel "dead" inside.  I think that has such a bad reputation for the mundane.  I think when you see the same motivation and inspiration over and over again - we forget how to really process and how to really feel because it's already there telling us in the same way, same fashion just a different person.  Soooo, it's ok to be blah just don't let your emotions rule you!  Also try not to lash out - and if you do, keep working on that.  What brings me joy during this time of being a grumpy dump?  I have been making smoothies and listening to this podcast called "Theories of the Third Kind."  I also find joy in checking up on people that I don't know too well.  Someone has to!  Don't only check up on ya homies.  There's a world out there. 

(sorry but my skin is so good in this photo, lolol)

So if you feeling some sort of way, feel it, be it.  It's ok.  But find something to balance that out while you are moody.  Have a great weekend!


Sheena She

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