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Sunday, April 12, 2020


While we are social distancing and quarantining, I wanted to try something outside of my element which is why I started doing a facetime photo shoot challenge.  I lost a job and can't afford to shoot film at the moment as I am holding onto my pennies and nickels because I want to visit NJ and do some freelance work but who knows when that will be!  Living in Houston has been a challenge but I am in great spirits and well, I am going on a tangent, my bad.  Oh, right, the facetime photo shoot challenge...a great way for me to catch up on friends and also create in a time where we are all feeling weird.  I refuse to make this the new normal of us living like this but when things are out of wack, artists must create something.  Use our energy somewhere and I was basically in rest mode and I am glad I am utilizing my energy to making photos again even if it isn't on film.  I feel somewhat sad about not shooting on film but that doesn't make me less of a film photographer.  I had a wise friend tell me to keep trying new things and that is what I am doing!

I have done 3 facetimes already and wanted to blog about it.  I got to collab with Angela Pilgrim, Fransheska, and now Jesse!  Jesse is a photographer and creative friend.  When I lost everything in a fire back in 2014, he donated some film cameras and I'm forever grateful for him!  

I hope to do more of this until we are let back out into the world.  Right now we are on punishment because mother nature knew we fucked up!  Enjoy the journey, enjoy the moments, you don't have to be happy, you don't have to feel, you don't have to be productive.  Whatever you feel, someone else is going through it or not.  We are not any different!

Thank you to everyone that collaborates with me and lets me into their space!  I appreciate you.

On that note, feel free to see more shoots and stay updated to my work on The Film Bruja on Instagram and if you ever want to donate to my passions, a little bit always helps!

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Thanks again for the support!!!!