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Friday, March 27, 2020


Hi Jahnia,  can you tell us a little about yourself? 

Hi! I am a full-time creative with my main focus on Graphic Design, Photography and Art Direction. I also have an Illustration/Painting background and sometimes mess around with music. Both of my parents are creatives, so being a creative just felt normal. My dad is a music producer and a chef by trade, and my mom works as a technical designer in fashion, but she can also sew her ass off. Most of my childhood memories were of her making these big elaborate wedding dresses in our dining room. Oh and I'm NYC born and raised, moved to NJ when I was 15, but I call Jersey City my home.

You mentioned you mess around with music, in what way do you mess around? Expand on that.

Music has always been a major influence in my life. Back in the day my dad used to sound engineer roots reggae bands in France and when he came to the US he was heavy in the NY club/electronic scene producing club tracks. Half of our living room was his music studio, with our walls stacked with vinyl records, music equipment and his computer. He would at times have me write and sing hooks on his songs. My mom would always sing and dance to her favorite house songs too. When I was 15, I got a bass guitar for Christmas even though I has wanted a normal six string. He wanted me to learn bass lines cause at the time he was looking for a bassist. I learned anyways and loved it. In high school I played in a punk cover band and then I played with some older jazz cats that really I learned the most from. I don't play as much anymore but I still have my bass and mess around with it from time to time. I really gravitate towards music and a lot of my closest friends are dj's and musicians, I think it's just natural for me to connect with musicians. Lately I been a bit hesitant with approaching the dj space because I've been in the circuit for some time and I get to see some of the politics that surrounds the nightlife. My friends have been really supportive and they even got me a dj controller for my birthday. I've made some mixes and have dj'd out twice already, but for now its just something I want to do at my own pace and just have fun with, that's whats most important to me right now. But who knows what can happen in the future!

Who are you currently listening to?

That new Jay Electronica album has been hittin'! I will always be on my hip-hop tip, but I've also been really into deep house cuts, especially Detroit house and afro-funk and disco artists like Bola Johnson. 

You seem to do a little bit of everything. What do you enjoy doing most when creating?

Ya, I do! For a while I always felt I had to categorize myself and my style as a creative and just stick with it, so that it's easily digestible for everyone else. I quickly found myself not making anything because I was thinking so hard about how to perfectly market myself and not so much about creating. When it comes to creating I just love the process. I love putting music on and zoning out. I love trying something new, I love fucking up, I love challenging myself and most importantly I love being able to share it, or give it away.

 Have you stopped categorizing yourself?

I definitely have. I just call myself a creative now. The word is all encompassing and that's what I think of my work.

We are in strange times right now. What are you doing to keep busy and productive (or not, it's ok if you aren't) during this time of quarantine?

Real real strange, but I'm digging it. I currently work for an ad agency, so they've been keeping me busy with stuff to work on at home. Before I start my day I now have a routine of coffee, journaling some thoughts and affirmations, and stretching. On my down time, I'm reading, exercising, or outside at my nearby park. I do aim to make one piece of art for myself everyday. That's been helping a lot as well.

What project are you working on at the moment?

Oh, the projects I'm working on are kind of confidential, one of them being for work and the other is a summer activation with a good friend of mine. I'll share those details with you soon! Putting together my portfolio has been an ongoing project of mine. Also, I've been making digital collages out my friends photos lately . I'm on my 4th one so I'd call that a project now.

I know you work with film photography as well, what's your go to camera and film stock?

Right now I keep a Konica Lexio 70 point and shoot on me at all times. I really love this camera for how compact it is and how sharp the lens is. Sometimes the photos come out looking like it was taken on a medium format camera. As of now, I'm rocking with Kodak 400 Tmax cause that's all I have on me at the moment. But I do favor Rollei Infared b/w film, that hass been my favorite so far. I would love try color infrared next, or just try shooting more with color film in general. I'm open to recommendations.

Tell me about Roadie Worldwide and your role/association with this great campaign!

Lovelisa came to me with the idea to do something for us girls, more specifically girls who serve the community by doing amazing things that often gets overlooked. As a team, we showcase female dj's in the industry that don't really get the shine they deserve by throwing a monthly party that brings people from different walks of life and different areas together. I focus more on the visual aspects of Roadie, like brand identity, event flyer creation, social media posts, photos and I've even DJ'd one of our parties too lol. We are in the works of expanding it to be more than just a party but also outdoor activities and social activations. It's all about dope girls who do dope shit! Keep an eye out.

What piece of advice can you give anyone that you wish you knew as a creative?

Oh definitely show up and create for yourself, everything else will follow. Nothing has to be perfect and don't wait for the right time. There is no right time. Also, don't throw away anything, back up all your work. You don't have to watermark your photographs! The goal is to keep producing work you love and people will know who you are. You can never fail as a creative.

Where can we find you internets?

My website Is, Im on instagram as @jahnia_ and twitter as @jahtusabe (don't take me too seriously on twitter, cause I don't) 

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