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Friday, January 09, 2015

Local | Bayonne Tattoo Company

Here at Chainsaws and Jelly we are avid tattoo enthusiasts. We love a great presentation of the shop we are walking into along with great work. 

Enter Bayonne Tattoo Company. 

We visited the shop in December and as soon as you walk in - you are greeted by a friendly face and the atmosphere isn't like most shops where you feel like a lost sheep amongst a pack of wolves. The artists are passionate and knowledgeable and will work with what you need. They are able to create what you want and give suggestions as to why or why not something might not work. 

Right now, they are having a January special of any palm sized tattoo for $80. Winter is a great time to get a tattoo as you are not in the sun, in the pool, and have time for it to properly heal. Make sure to visit the shop and take a look at the work. Support local NJ. 

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