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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Inspiration | Mama

(All photos are shot on film  For more film journeys, please visit Queen of Antisocial.)

After 12 years of living in Texas, my mother came up to visit her past residence of New Jersey.  It was so great to be around her presence and just be close to the woman who always gives me inspiration and just melts my heart.  She's such a wonderful human being and I could literally write a book about her but instead I'll share this post.


Out of my mother's immediate family, she is the one who made it to America.  My father played a big part in petitioning Mama and I to come to the states but that's another story I shall tell.  My father is another amazing human being too.  

Mama lost her mother at an early age and had to part take in responsibilities.  Growing up poor in the Philippines is always a struggle where food is hard to come by.  Despite all this, they always managed.  Her stories have tragedy (you will just have to wait for the book) but also mixed with magic and mystic.  You see, she comes from a tribal line.  Her father, my grandfather, was a leader of an indigenous tribe.

At 16,  I went to the Philippines for the first time ever since I was born there. I had the chance to see where she grew up which was in a humble hut with an outhouse as a bathroom.  I met my grandfather for the first time before he past and it was the happiest moment because he wept.  He wept when he saw me and wept at seeing his daughter, Mama.  I heard nothing but great words from everyone about Mama.  How they were so proud of her and always grateful for her help.  She never forgot where she came from.  

I have nothing but admiration and eternal love for Mama.  I can keep going.  

While she was here, I used her as my subject to present this piece.  It may not be a book, but it is still something.  

I love you so much, Mama.

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