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Friday, February 28, 2014

Photography | Classy Never Gets Old

For decades fashion magazines, television and media in general shows us not only beautiful stuff that we would love to buy, but also promotes a lifestyle and a way of living. Shaun Alexander is one New York fashion photographer famous for creating numerous covers of loud magazines and working with brands like ESCADA, BVLGARI, GUESS and many others. Being one of the top fashion photographers, no wonder why his works are majestic and really chic. His biggest idols and influences are Helmut Newton and Salvador Dali. It is important for a photographer that works in advertising, to know what true art is because only in this sphere you get to understand the notion of beauty and distinction. 

The gorgeous black and white pictures made by Helmut Newton are portraying the nude, adding a high sense of esthetics. It is the wilderness in the regular that makes his masterpieces stand out of the crowd. The ferocity is not in the clothes, lingerie or in the place that’s photographed, it is in the eyes of the model. The look that is captured, even in black and white has the power to emit that crazy and wild vibe of sexuality. In his photographs, even a completely dressed woman has that specific sensual look that makes the carnal desire grow in the viewer’s heart.

It is important for a fashion photographer and not only, to capture the attitude of the one who is the subject of photography. The ability of observing and the sense of perfect timing are huge qualities that are a must for the camera guys. Feeling and noticing the million dollar smile, is the key of success. There is not only the smile that is worth something, the look of the eyes and the general emotion, are also the lucky treasures.

Photography today may have changed a lot from what it was 5 decades ago, but some things like the classic sensuality never change. The beauty and the sexuality in photography will always stay the same. Being able to capture it all in a different but not too far from the traditional way, is a huge symbol of talent and dedication. This is a symbol characteristic to a photographer who knows that classy never gets old and who works with it, adding new touches and styles in a traditional way.

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