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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Photoshoot | Steel Wool Ring of Fire

I really love when Wilma hits me up because it's always an adventure. I don't get that too often these days and I love the feeling of being one with idea. So when Wilma told me about the ring of fire experiment and showed me photos - I was totally in. It was really nerve racking because I never did long exposures, light painting, and shooting it on film. EVER!  I want to thank Samer, Sofia, and Wilson for giving me tips on long exposure.  This was a challenge that I had to take a risk. Wilma is amazing at directing everything. She's so much fun and I miss that a lot about her. 

Before we met up, we had to find a place. I texted a buddy of mine, John - because he is just as creepy as we are. He was intrigued with all that was said and he was automatically in. He offered his suburban backyard and so thankful for him. Thank you thank you John and can't forget Mike for participating and viewing such a great time!  Not bad for our first time!!

As always all photos are shot on film. For more random fun, check out Queen of Anti-social. Hope you like!

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