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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Analog | Camera Creeps

My love for analog has been quite the obsession. Really happy that my ass became more involved in it than ever before. I run a site off campus, Queen of Anti-social. It's a photo diary of the things that I encounter. I don't ever get to showcase all the talented analog photographers and that there are others who share the same passion. So- I'll be incorporating it on Chainsaws and Jelly. The main purpose for this site is to introduce those talents, remember? 

Why analog? I'm not trying to neglect the digital age, it's really beautiful. You see it everywhere. It's used the most. But there's just a difference with film and how it translates. The waiting for the outcome, patience, the disappointments and rewards. Let alone, all that money being spent! Still, that's some groovy love. 

Anyway enough of the long nerdy talk. Camera Creeps hail from Los Angeles, California. 5 different photographers, styles, and cameras but all so dope.

Creep: Jordan

  Creepy: Sifry

Creep: Andrew 

Creepy: Paul 

Creep: Joe

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