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Monday, March 18, 2013


Miss Kali Uchis was kind enough to do a quick polite convo with me.  I featured her as Ear Jelly last Wednesday, if you haven't checked that post out - Ear Jelly | Kali Uchis. Now peep below to get to know a bit about her.

Recently downloaded your mixtape - 'Drunken Babble' and is currently on repeat. You have such a dreamy, chill voice and vibe to your sounds. I did a bit of research and you - sing, rap, produce and you also made your videos. A one woman army, I like. How did you get started or what inspired you to this mixtape?

Thank you! I've been making songs since I was little, just playing the piano and writing lyrics as a creative outlet. Once I got my computer I started messing around with sampling old music and figuring out how to go on different beats. I have about 10 notebooks full of lyrics and drawings that came out of it. Recording and putting it all together was like having a live journal to me; it was really personal and I never showed it to anyone. Deciding to put out the mix-tape was really just me deciding not to keep to myself anymore and let go of that piece of my life. 

How would you describe your personality? Do you try to translate that to your music?

I'd say my music is completely associated with my personality and my experiences with life.

On your day off - what does Kali like to indulge in?

Most of the time I'm doing something involved with music. I love putting things together, collaging, customizing clothes. If it's really nice outside I like to cruise in my car, smoke, go skating or biking, eat some good food. That's when I'm in VA.

You are currently in VA. Where are you originally from?

I was born in Virginia and I moved to Colombia, where my family is originally from, when I was three. The plan was to live there for the rest of my life, but I ended up coming back to America when I was seven.

Any upcoming projects?

I like to stay busy; to name a few things right now I definitely got some singles coming up, a short film, and a music video for one of my new singles shot in Florida.

Listening to your beats/instrumentals on your mixtape - I can hear a lot of different genres of music. What or who are you currently vibin' to? Anyone particular have a big influence on your sound?

Leo Dan, Vicky De Colombia, and Beto Villena to name a few. Of modern artists I love Azelia Banks, Twin Sister and Dom Kennedy.

As we end this convo - is there a certain mantra you go by?
Never doubt or fear what will become of you. The only one who can save us is ourselves.