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Monday, October 29, 2012

Make-up | Cobra Kai Skull Face - Halloween Series

Out for some Danielson's blood! Boo. This was something fast I needed to do on Friday night for a Halloween get-together. My cousin and I decided to be Cobra Kai. The beauty of Halloween - you can be whatever you want to be using what you have. 

For the face base, I used a white cream paint. Put a few layers to make it solid and make sure to set with powder to prevent creasing, cracking, and slipping off. You want to take a black gel eyeliner and start blacking out your eye sockets and nose. Set that with a black eyeshadow. You know the deal! For the lips, you can use the same gel eyeliner and start to make a set of chompers. I went over that with black eyeshadow as well. Pretty easy and quick. You can't go wrong with a skull. You can change it up to be somewhat pretty, intricate, or spooky. Whatever floats your boat!

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