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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chainsaws & Jelly | October Muse

October means a lot to me so I volunteered to be this month's muse! Who else would portray creepy besides queen of creepy?!! The theme for this shoot - a ghost nurse haunting the asylum grounds. Sidenote: before I had any idea about American Horror Story, this theme was already in the works. Creepy, right!

The teamwork for this was amazing!  And ever so thankful!  Time, creativity, and effort was put into this shoot.  Got my girl, Ginamarr, to be the director of the shoot and got my boy, Nikko, to be the mastermind photographer. All photos and GIF's were taken with a 35mm film camera to give that hazy, eerieness.  Enjoy and happy tricks and treats! Keep it creepy folks.  

More photos after the jump!


Eva Jensen said...

Amalie Larsen said...

This is an awesome photoshoot! This particular hue of black and white seriously gives me the creeps. Anyways, that asylum seems to have a great potential if only it would would undergo massive reconstruction.

Claire Byrnes said...

What a waste if you wouldn't open up this asylum again. You succeeded in giving it a creepy ambiance, but I'm sure in reality it's still in good condition to use. Amalie is right, it only needs reconstruction.

Chainsaws & Jelly said...

Absolutely agree although I don't have the power to open it up though, Claire.