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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Inspiration | Elders w/ Tattoos

Photos via Google image search

People are so afraid of when they get old. Even more afraid of getting old AND with tattoos. As a tattooed person, I get asked a lot, "What happens when you get old and your tattoos aren't the same?" AND?!!! Was that the question? What does it matter anyway? We get old, wrinkly, saggy, and we just do. Having a tattoo on a wrinkly body is the least of my worries! 

Live a good life, respect each other, and do good deeds is my motto. There are far more worse things like my boobs sagging down to my knees 0_0 

If you worry so much, then I suggest no tattoos for you!  Society just loves to brainwash us into judging people.

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