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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chainsaws & Jelly | September Muse #2

As I mentioned earlier, the month of September is special because of the 2 muse status. Meet Victoria Brown, a young and motivated artist. This one is quite different as well because Victoria got all creative with it. 

What are your inspirations?
My inspirations come from artists I look up to like basquiat, warhol, kusama, herring, etc. I actually started drawing so hard in class because Inspiration also stems from emotion. If i'm bored i'll probably draw something so crazy and strange. If I'm upset I'll draw something that helps release that sadness, for the intention of helping myself although most people would never get it. and that's something I absolutely love about art, it can be interpreted in a million and one different ways. It's so mysterious.

What type of message are you trying to spread with your artwork?
In most of my pieces I'll write words and symbols like :Hope, Love, Elevate, $$$, etc. In hopes of those to really look into the detail and find it and feel inspired and happy they can find these things in my designs. I love crossword puzzles, so sometimes I'll write the words and even the letters backwards.

What types of medium do you enjoy working with?
I love love love love acrylic paint markers and pen and ink.. Seriously, they're the best. Acrylic is cool too. And I very much enjoy pastels.

Any projects coming up?
Right now I'm working on some backgrounds for an amazing rapper named LA. She's awesome! So I've been dedicating time to that, I would like to collaborate with someone to gain the experience of a collaboration. I'm also designing new pins for those to wear if they'd like. ( And I've recently fell in love with Kidrobot Munny dolls, they are so fun to design.

What did you think of the photoshoot?
The photoshoot was cool. We just did a quick one by the wtc. Everyone was staring so I told them Nakeya was paparazzi and I was famous in another country. Ha!


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