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Friday, July 06, 2012

Video | Worxlife Summer 2012 Video Lookbook

E.U.A.E. -  Today's society tells us to be good people who uphold traditional values and morals. A lot of those values and morals tend to be one sided and are forced upon our upbringings. When reality gives you a haymaker to the face, is our only option to forgive and forget? We're at war with not only ourselves, but the rest of the United States. We have to make it out of this hole somehow, even if it means to go against the norm and single minded perceptions. Every Un-holy Angel's Empire represents the idea of a fallen angel. We are all the same in God's eyes, except it's the way we choose to live our lives, We represent the struggle and the animosity in modern America. It doesn't matter who you praise because we're out here working for what we want to achieve regardless of the social normality. Praying to God will only go so far. Without the chaos, the balance becomes lop-sided throwing off the natural balance of life. Every Un-holy Angel's Empire is a beautiful struggle. By any means necessary, we're out to reach our hopes and dreams, even if it means to make deals with the devil along the way. The "promise land" is within reach, but the journey isn't a pretty one.

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