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Thursday, July 19, 2012


This sassy beauty doesn't need an introduction so let us proceed to the conversation! 

As a mother, how do you manage your time and still look absolutely stunning? 

Alot of multitasking! Majority of the day, you can usually catch me in a sweats and comfy tees, no makeup, hair up. But then you have those moments where you want to remember how you look AND FELT before children, and that's when I spend some time on myself. Usually this is when my daughter is napping so it can be done without distractions.

Hey now girl, speaking of stunning. Your style is always evolving. Let's talk about the evolution of Des. 

Oh man. Ive done so many looks! In high school I did the usual skater-punker-surfer-girly girl thing. After high school I started hanging out with a group of girls who broadened my tacky horizons. They introduced me to nike high tops, tacky nails, gold jewelry, wu tang, and gaudy makeup. We called ourselves the Brownbabies. I think I want to say I was the least flashy one out of the bunch. After BB$, I continued to evolve and wore lots of different prints and textures along with whatever really. I kind of just rolled with the punches. If I was feeling very kitschy, then snakeskin print leggings and a flashy jacket with timbs would be choice. If I was feeling more classic, I'd wear a fitted dress with pin curls. It just all depends on how you feel. Now that I'm a mom, I definitely understand the need to be comfortable and stylish. 

What do you plan to teach your daughter about being a rad female in this world?

I plan to teach her to stand up for what she believes in. My parents taught me how to behave amongst elders and just to be respectful but my dad also showed me how to speak my mind. In high school, if someone was getting mistreated, I was the first one to say something. As I got older, I calmed down a bit but quickly found my voice again in NYC. Having a backbone is one of the best things I could ever teach Zoe. Respect is second.

Motherhood definitely changes you. Would you say you've become more tight assed about certain things?

OH DEFINITELY. I was all over the place before I met her father. After I had Zoe, I decided that I really need to grow up and be the best person I could be to her. So I stopped drinking. It's an interesting and lonely road and I know I'm that uptight person on girls night out but I I'm doing the right thing. Also good lawd, I didn't realize that I could cook!! After taking on the role of stay at home mom, I started studying the food network and cookbooks. My BD told me the other day that I cook better than his mom. It was an emotional moment for me lolz.

You've always been in the spotlight amongst the internets. Does the term, internet celebrity, make you cringe a bit?

Ah yeah it does kind of. Alot of family and real life friends give me shit for it. But lets be straight, I've been blogging since I was 17. I like that I have a repertoire with my readers and I feel like I need them to connect with me as well. If I get recognized when I'm out, I get flustered and act like theyre the ones that just got spotted! I feel like I'm the most awkward in person too. 

How did the Brown Babies empire fall? Are you still pretty tight with the babes?

Too many cooks in the kitchen. We all wanted to be apart of the big picture but we all didnt know when to step down and let someone deal with it individually. It was an amazing experience and I think its awesome that we still get asked about it til this day. I love those girls and even though I dont see most of them on the regular, I'd like to say that we are all pretty cool with each other. Nat is my girl, we have been the ride or die duo since 2006, had babies one after the other, and still talk weekly to this day.

Anything new going on with the Boobs LA site?

As of right now, it on hiatus. After I had Zoe, I realized that I wasn't interested in writing alot of the same topics. When you have kids, no matter how much you fight it, their little lives will take over every aspect of your own. I was a new mom and I lived on mom blogs and mom forums.. so writing about tits was starting to become foreign to me. I'd like to get it back going but I would need alot more assistance in writing and creating. We shall see. Right now, I'm currently doing Its been nice to have something to just dive into and write about what the fuck ever I want. Being new means your audience doesn't expect you to cater to their needs in every single post. They just read.

Congrats on blogging for Hellz Bellz! What awesomeness will you bring into that site?

Thank you! Well I think it's going to be mostly fashion but of course, I'm no fashion critic so most likely I'll have my satire spin on things. My last post had to do with dressing like Poetic Justice.. and those dreaded sneakerwedges!

Lastly, any words of wisdom from Mama Des?
Stand up for your own shit and always brush your hair. Looking fly and speaking your truth never felt so good.

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