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Monday, July 02, 2012

Chainsaws & Jelly | July Muse

Make-up & photos by Sheena She

Weee! July muse is hereee. I know that June was MIA due to technical difficulties BUT it will be posted. 

Rosemary Gonzalez is a woman of many crafts and many ideas. She's not new to the C&J fam, in fact she's been featured on this site many times because she's a NJ creative!  She's got the best personality and she's a bundle of fun.  Her energy keeps me forever young.

Read all about Rosie and the fun photoshoot after the jump!

You're a woman with many crafty talents. You can make almost anything. How did you get into crafting these awesome pillows? 

Haha aw thanks! I started making pillows back in 05 when I worked at Quiksilver. We had a couch in the back where everyone would chill. I loved working there, so I made them a little parting gift. It was actually a Rosie head :) haha and I used puffy paint on white fabric.

You are a bundle of joy! What keeps ya happy?

Hmmm.. I think what keeps me looking at the bright side is motivation. I find a lot of happiness in knowing like I'm doing something to gain experiences and memories. I'm always looking to have fun AND stay productive at the same time.

Do you still do the Rosie characters? Any art shows coming up for you?

I still do my Rosie. We're stuck with each other! I want to show people that I don't just do a stick figure though. She started as a character that hopped around in my diary back when I interned at Disney World. I'll bring her back in the future, but probably not on canvas.

You're also a stylist for Gorgeous 4 Gorgeous. Can you elaborate on that a little?

G4G was started by my best friend, Mandy and me because we simply love shopping! We love to mix and match our styles too. They compliment each other in a very cool way. She's the ying to my yang! :) So far, done styling/set design for everything from beautiful agency models, well-known DJs, short films and even male models. Once we get enough work together, we'll throw our website up ;) Definitely keep an eye out for it!

What did you think about the photoshoot?

It's always fun working with you, Sheena. Your make-up is always on point and I can always count on your support for whatever crazy project I'm working on haha This shoot was fun for me because I put a lot of love into making these pillows. I want people to see them as fun accents for all ages and in any room.

For these super rad and affordable custom pillows, please contact Rosie at & check out her adventures on her blog.

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