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Monday, June 25, 2012

Polite Conversations | Fox Marie

Being creepy is my duty! I bring to you, Fox Marie. A magickal and creepy girl all in one. A polite conversation is due for this lovely being because she never stops creating. I love that about her and even though we have never met, I can feel her genuine kindness. Never stop creating folks. It keeps us closer to that realm we all wished we lived in. And now onto the conversation after the jump! 

Hello beautiful creative lady! I'm so happy to do this polite conversation with you. Can you give us a wonderful introduction into your world? 

Hello, Ms. Sheena Sheeee! I'm delighted to have this conversation, too. A little introduction into my world....well. Once you get past all the bones, teeth, sea shells, crystals, feathers, petrified animals and plants I collect I'm pretty much your regular ol' Bowie fan-girl who baristas part-time, haha. When I don't have my hands painting pretty things onto lattes for my customers I'm usually using them to cuddle my dog Morris and craft the uncraftable for Hipporacle. 

You create magick whether it be jewelry, painting, and/or self photography, what are your inspirations that keep your creative flowing?

Life & death. This mortal coil. After my father passed away last year on Mother's Day it truly made me re-prioritize the things on my 'List of Happy'. Constantly crafting has been one of those things that quickly fell to the bottom of my list as I became older and had my mind focused on other responsibilities to myself. I tried to find the balance between school and work, and art always came last. I swam in many different waters of life and the current has always pulled me back to art/creation. Before my father passed and we had time to be close to one another and make our peace, I noticed that he was especially proud of my artistic endeavors. He bought me my first easel and helped me build a number of canvases. When I wanted to paint a mural of my first watercolor on a wall inside of the house he, my mother and I lived in at the time - Dad was right there helping me make transparencies at Kinkos and renting the projector. Everything I do is a way to thank him as well as my family & loved ones for their support. That kind of inspiration is never-ending. I could name a list of artists, musicians, authors, scientists and great thinkers of our time who inspire me on a daily basis - there are a handful! But what fuels me, what truly lights the fire is my own sense of mortality now. I feel it in a way I never had until last year - if I'm going to be walking this earth, I better create the ideas I have for talismans, paintings, photographs and crafts while I have the corporeal shell to do so. I don't know if what I leave behind is my spirit or energy in the afterlife - at the very least, I can leave behind the relics of my mind during this life.

What are your goals for 2012 with Hipporacle?

To continue healing myself. I feel that any kind of success which has or will come out of Hipporacle is an added bonus! Hipporacle is my artistic vehicle to guide me through this life journey so wherever it leads me, I'm happy. It's about the journey.

Do you have anyone that you'd love to work with in the future?

Oh, gosh. In my dreams I already have the chance to work side by side with Egon Schiele, Nikola Tesla, Gustave Doré, Bram Stoker, Alphonse Mucha, Maila Nurmi and Alexander waking life? I'd love to be able to at least have a cup of tea with whoever fancies a look at my bone collection. David Bowie and Lisa Gerrard, do you want to have a look at my bone collection?? I'm just saying...........

You have amazing hair! Any tips for the colorful ladies out there?

Oh, thank you! I'm a Leo. My mane is important to me! My basic tips are these: expect breakage & hair loss no matter how well you take care of those colorful/bleached locks, folks! To preserve your color, always wash with the coldest water possible and the longer you can go without washing your hair, the better. Just comb it out and put it into braids or a bun if your oily hair gets to you - I promise you that the longevity of your color will be the ultimate pay off! If you had a bad day and just absolutely need that hot soak, then do what I do - put your hair into a shower cap, wrap a towel around it, and pamper yourself as usual!

I like to leave the polite conversation with whatever you'd want to say. Positve, negative, etc.

Pablo Picasso's words have always inspired me and this quote always gets the day going - "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." So get dirty, ya'all. Then when you need to cleanse - turn to your talents. Turn to art.

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