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Monday, May 07, 2012

Creepy Girl | Creepy Crissy

  (Photography by Mari Contreras)

Alias: Creepy Crissy

Hometown: San Isidro, Texas

Favorite pasttime: Reading (as I'm surrounded by books on a daily basis, I work in a library and am working on getting my masters in library science)

Why you are creepy?: "Well, for starters, you sleep with your eyes wide open." - my fiance Mickey's response when I asked him what makes me creepy.

Got the sweetest opportunity to feature Creepy Crissy as the creepy girl of the day.  It's just perfect and I love how she took the time to create this great photo concept with her friend, Mari.  Thanks so much Crissy and Mari.  It's as creepy as it gets.

I heart you!


Mari said...

I had a really creepy day out of it out in the middle of nowhere taking her pictures!

Plastic Rosary said...

@Mari it was a fun and creepy day indeed! Can't thank the both of you enough, this was so much fun :)