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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Chainsaws & Jelly | May Muse

Anthony Pereira is a brother, a cousin..he is family.  A driven and passionate artist and tattoo artist from NJ. You see NJ has so many talented hidden people and Chainsaws & Jelly always tries to display them in the mix of others.  Today's muse is a bit different because I've featured many creative women in the past.  For me, muses are all creative beings.

Efrain Mercado was behind the lens doing what he does best.  You are always the best and always willing to help a little sister out.  Thank you, always.

So check the rhyme after the jump!

How'd you get into tattooing? 

I got into tattooing first and foremost through my art. I have been drawing forever, but the first time I ever saw a well done tattoo I knew- this was exactly my calling. I quit my job and began my apprenticeship at Industrial Art in Harrison that lasted about a year. I am very grateful to all the guys at Industrial Art for teaching, motivating and challenging me. I love what I do, I like interpreting my client's ideas and developing a life long piece of art that represents them. I do this because I love the art down to the aesthetics of tattooing. 

What do you enjoy most about the art form? 

What I like most about the art form is the freedom and developing aspect. I can take any idea, process it in my mind and express it on paper then onto the body.

How would you describe your style? 

In regards to my style, I am heavily influenced by Japanese art and American traditional. I am so inspired by Japanese art because of the culture and meanings behind each masterpiece. Everything about Japanese art appears to be free flowing and naturally fluid- it looks amazing and complimenting with the natural shape & curves of the human body. Now, as for American traditional what is there to not love about the perfect simplicity of each image. Anything that is imaginable can be transformed into a traditional piece of art. American traditional pieces make for long lasting tattoos that look just as good years later as it did on the first day.

Do you have a favorite tattoo artist? 

There are so many artists that are ridiculously talented!!!!! I am inspired by so many but just to name a few: Shige , Mike Rubendall , Russ Abbott.

What did you like about the photoshoot? 

I loved that it was personal and intimate. It was a humbling experience to have others be interested in what I do. I got to work with awesome people while doing what I love. Big shout out to you Wiggie, you've known me from even before the beginning of this journey and I thank you for always having faith and believing in me.

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Anonymous said...

big ups to Ant!! *yay* and i think i recognize that leg. does it belong to a certain Pawlita?