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Monday, March 19, 2012

Polite Conversations | Ellen Rogers

Have you ever loved someone's artistic work, it hurts?! This is exactly how I feel everytime I see Ellen's photography. I can't help but melt a little inside. So much emotion in a single frame, so much story only the imagination can muster up.  A bit dramatic but it's the truth!

Excited about this because the lovely, Ellen took time to answer a few questions for Chainsaws and Jelly. She is also familiar with this site which put a smile on my face!  I humbly thank you for this.

For those new to Ellen Rogers, she is an all analogue photographer based in London. She also has a book filled with her beautiful photos and you can purchase it here

 And now the conversation...

You're work is very distinguishable when I come across it on the internet. The internet is a funny place. You have sites like Tumblr that seem to forget to credit sources. Do you ever get bummed when all your hard work is either lost in the midst of reblogs, etc?
Oh goodness yeah, good question, I do get a bit annoyed, I often see my work miscredited or not at all. It’s hard not to get annoyed. Perhaps something that bothers me more than anything online is when people edit the work itself. It’s frustrating and maybe even a little insulting. You have a vision for something and you come as close as you can to its execution and people try to do a bit of Photoshop editing to improve them. It’s a bit insensitive maybe (especially as I am an all analogue photographer).

How was fashion week 2012 for you? Did you work with any designers? 
Oh it was hectic; it amazes me how the stylists get through it. It’s so much stress for them and they put in so many hours. I really feel for them. It's immensely hard work too. This year I shot backstage for Fred Butler and David Koma, they are both wonderfully innovative designers.

You mentioned when not photographing, you enjoy walking. You seem the type who loves nature and likes alone time here and there. Would you say you are a spiritual person?
I am spiritual, but I am an atheist too. My spirituality lies with my work.

In your own words, what would you say makes your work stand out amongst all the other analogue photographers?
Honestly I am not sure it does. It has become somewhat watered down and pithy. I hope to change that soon. There is a mould I need to break.

Top 5 people you would love to shoot.
I’m not really interested in shooting famous people just people I meet who stir me.

Do you have any new work coming up?
I do, I have two projects coming up, but I have a rather obnoxious copy cat who likes to pre-
empt my addresses, so I’ll keep mum so to speak. I will keep you posted on my facebook


What do you look forward in 2012?
The usual, survival foremost, and creativity obviously, maybe a new studio if I am lucky.

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