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Monday, February 06, 2012

Chainsaws & Jelly | February Muse

As promised 2012's first muse is here and it's highlighting this beautiful woman, Nataly Cuevas. I met Nataly through Nakeya Brown (Chainsaws & Jelly | April Muse). Nataly is our stylist whenever we team up on shoots. She finds the best, fashionable treasures at the best prices! I love working with her, she has great style!

The make-up was pretty simple for this shoot and for the direction - we just let it ride. I wanted to portray her and what she does best. She's fun, down to earth, and has the best smile. The two toned lips were created using Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

I got the chance to work with Efrain Mercado aka Eggs again. Always enjoy working with him. Thanks again Eggo. For more of Efrain, check out his Flickr and Twitter.

What kind of thrill do you get looking for outfits for certain photoshoots? Where do you prefer to shop?
I never really plan outfits ahead of time. I have an idea/theme in mind, and as the shoot date nears, I will be inspired by different things. For the last shoot, I had been watching re-runs of "My-So-Called Life" and loved the punky/grunge feel of the clothes. I went online and referenced 90's icons: Nirvana, Drew Barrymore. I also scoured thrift stores near my place. One of my fave is UNIQUE. I also love H&M for basics.

You used to intern for a pretty well known channel. What did you realize when you interned there? Was it something for you?
MSNBC was a great experience- mostly because I met my boyfriend there. TV news is too fast-paced for me.

You have a great knack for putting things together. Where do you get your inspirations?
A lot of my inspiration comes from Street Style -- walking through New York is a sartorial feast for your eyes. Women there are never afraid to be who they are and I respect that a lot.

You mentioned you wanted to write. In a perfect world, where does Nataly want to work?
I went to school for writing. That's always been my dream -- to write a book that people will love and find something they can relate to their real lives. Eventually, I want to buy an RV and travel the country writing about all the adventures and misadventures I get into.

What are your thoughts on the photoshoot we did?
I think the reason why our shoots have been so successful is because the three of us work together really well. We communicate really well and we're excited about what we're doing. That's really all you need to be successful in life- just be excited and proud of what you're doing and eventually things will fall into place.

For more of Nataly, you can visit

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