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Monday, December 05, 2011

Chainsaws & Jelly | December Muse

It's here! December muse is with the love, Helen Carlina. You might recognize her from the 'Creepy Girl' post. The internets brought us together. She's filled with creativity and personality. A hard, dedicated worker and makes the most enchanting garments. She's so passionate!  And C&J loves movers and shakers!

What makes this shoot different? I had the pleasure working with my great friend, Delilah "La La" Vera. She did an amazing job with the photography as well as the nails. Girl can do nails like no business. Feel free to contact us if you like the nails, make-up, photos, and/or the whole package.

Now onto the muse! Enjoy and spread the word about us!

Describe your experience interning at Vivienne Westwood?
Interning at Vivienne Westwood was a complete blessing. Having picked up and left for London the same week I ended classes in May, it was a long anticipated experience that I had been anxiously awaiting a response from a contact there that I had worked with in the fashion industry in Manhattan a few years ago. Having just finished my first year of my Bachelor's degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology, it was the last summer I could devote myself to continuing my focus in fashion. Vivienne Westwood has been one of my favorite designers for a good majority of my life when my interest in design began to develop. When arriving in London it was a complete culture shock, I had first stayed in Camden for a few weeks and the commute to Battersea where VW is located, was so inspiring. The culture, architecture, even the way the crowds commuted to and from work every day, every thing inspired me. I had first started my experience at the internship shadowing the head of the pattern-making department. The few weeks I had worked with her, it was so intense having to convert from standard to metric measuring systems. Numerous times I was called to assist with style boards and later in my internship, I had worked with the Design team in developing the Spring 2012 Red Label collections. This experience definitely impacted my life for the best. I feel so much more matured as a designer, and I hope to head back to London and work more closely with Vivienne Westwood again. While I was there, this past May to August (2011), I helped contribute to numerous custom couture garments for Helena Bonham Carter, who often came to the studio in person, Pamela Anderson sequined off-shoulder mini dress for an awards show, multiple gowns for the Harry Potter premiere in London and New York, and a Silk Bias-Cut deep emerald green gown for Angelina Jolie. The best part of my internship would honestly have to be, having Vivienne Westwood know my name. It was an incredible experience that will last a lifetime and I hope to go back to London I can pursue working with their design team permanently.

You create beautiful work and truly have a passion. You are a working machine! As of right now, what do you enjoy making the most?
I genuinely enjoy working with lace the most. I just completed this wild 'lace-cage' using this beautiful antique French lace (Alencon) where I had to piece the scalloped edging together to line up the floral beaded motif, and whip-stitch (by hand) along the cording, to attach each panel in a very 1920's 'Boardwalk Empire' style mini dress.

You have a love for the darker, creepier things in life and you are a such a kind, loving soul. Can you tell me more about that?
I don't necessarily follow any practice of religion, but I believe that the actions and commitments we make in this life, help dictate the outcome of most instances we come in contact with. I believe that life and death are cohesive, just like the moon and the sun are a pair, male and female are opposing genders, night and day are each their own. I strictly have an appreciation for the unknown, it inspires me to a level where not-knowing, sparks my imagination to no limits. Religion is too controlling in my opinion, I respect the concept of faith, but personally, I see life for what is it in front of me and what I make of it. Nothing in life is more surreal than love, if and when you do achieve that feeling, it has limitless possibilities that can last in this lifetime and the next if you let it.

What keeps Helen motivated?
Honestly, I am the most moody person you will ever come across. Any little thing can alter my mood for days at a time. I have this really bizarre philosophy about time, I refuse to wake up before certain numbers are in sequence, and I highly acknowledge that today is NOW and this time does not repeat itself. I hope that comes across clearly, as you can imagine why I suit the 'creepy girl' this month. There is nothing more natural and genuinely inspiring, than couture high-end professionally photographed, if not seeing and feeling garments of the highest quality in person. When I had interned at Vivienne Westwood, I had assisted for a few weeks in the archive (where all previous collections, including shoes like those Blue Python Platforms Naomi Campbell fell in on the runway, to vintage and turn of the century pieces). The feel of those pieces is something these hands will always remember, and that in itself is what keeps me motivated entirely.

Thank you for being our muse. Can you tell us how it went? What you enjoyed most?
Having worked with you and your team was so cohesive and the vibe was so positive. Being amongst creative minds that share an incredibly diverse vision was so natural to work with. Sheena, your makeup visions are so heavily accurate to the theme we had chosen and it felt like we were in a prohibition brothel! Really inspirational, every one who worked on this project had such a proper commitment to our space and the best possible way of making it consistent to the finished product. From start to finish, it was a really great experience to see how other people interact with the objects around them to make the project as authentic as possible. As for the nail art by LaLa, considering I am personally quite the connoisseur of manicures, I was really flattered and impressed to have the pleasure of her artwork. Thank you again for the pleasure of featuring me, and I hope we can work together again soon.

You can visit Helen Carlina @

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