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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Brand | Herds of the Fathers - Fine Leather Goods

I stumbled upon this brand only yesterday browsing my Twitter timeline. Shouts to Gu for tweeting to them! And shouts to Nakeya for doing all the awesome photos on their site. I love Nakeya!

Herds of the Fathers is a local brand here in NJ that specializes in leather. Jason Akoi and Tobi Babajide are the creators! I was so impressed with the execution I had to post about them!

"Herds of The Fathers is a lifestyle brand that is eager to provide every accessory needed to keep up with the ever-changing gentleman. Our vision was created from a need to enhance ourselves in such a way that makes statements. Our success will come in the form of what we offer. Living in this world requires you to deal with being a part of a herd - whether that be school, work, or your everyday community. Nonetheless, there are only a chosen few that help give “birth” to style in their individual daily settings. Our brand is where these minds combine…creating a new “Herd”. Thanks for coming along on the journey with us."

1 comment:

Berto said...

This is sick, and these dudes are from jersey! I threw this up on my own blog. Thanks for featuring them, I would have never found them on my own.