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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Dan Time | Sleep Deprivation

I was supposed to be in bed by 9pm tonight because of a 'volounteer' thing I do every week for a couple of days.

That didn't happen.

Right now, I'm sitting here typing this out (simultaneously wondering why) while hoping that I can get away with breaking night.
I'm gonna drink a shit load of caffeine today, babble, and crash while my bus ride home puts me to sleep.
Is it a character flaw?

I don't know. I don't even know why I typed that. (30 seconds later) I just got too deep for my own good.

I've done some bizarre shit when sleep deprivation wanted to hang out.
One time while living with some old roomates, I came home at 7am and found a couple of cans of paint. Let's just say ol' Sleep Dep. (I just super deuched that one) gave me the feeling that I can paint a mural with about 4 cups of home-depot interior paint spared from our initial move in.

I think I even said "Perfecto" before I rolled a joint and went to bed (3 hours later).

To be young, right?

I wonder what goes on in a body at this point. Like, why do I feel heavy and sticky for no reason.
I'm sure someone is saying "because you're fat" right now.
That's besides the point.

BOOM, Top Ten Things That Happen When You Get No Sleep:
10. You feel Heavy - I don't know why this happens. I'm thinking it's just your bodies way of acting like a spoiled brat, while the brain is like "dude, c'mon...if I can do it, so can you". I mean, the brain should say something a little better than that though, right? It is the brain. Alright, so lets just say he says something like "You're acting as inferior as you are" and makes a noise like "ghhaak" in disgust.

9. You feel sticky - If this only happens to me, I'm a little embarassed. More upset though. It's a bad feeling. This has to come from the fact that my body is working extra hard to find a great comeback for the brain without sounding like an idiot. Like, "oh yeah man, look like macaroni that was in a fridge overnight".

8. You do this thing where your head just tilts back for no reason.
my battery is about to die.

This has to end.
Ha! that sounds like a bad break-up line between two gadgets.
"It's not you, it's my Lithium quality".
WTF is lithium quality?
I used WTF like it's understood by all. Good job Dan. Good Job.



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