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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Polite Conversations | Vintage Vandalizm

Vintage Vandalizm is a mover and shaker. She was also our Creepy Girl. Here's a sweet polite conversation to get a little snippet of her life and things to come from this busy beauty!

It was much needed to have a polite conversation with you. You were our Creepy Girl back in '09. Would you say you're "creepy" in some way or another?
I would say most definitely because I have a weird obsession with anything eerie. I like to think I add a little bit of eerieness to my own personal style as well.

How did Vintage Vandalizm come about? Please tell us your story.
I used to paint and started getting tired of canvas's and paper so I started painting on blazers, shirts, boots, bags, and anything else you could paint on. 99% of the items I painted on were Vintage so I came up with Vintage Vandalizm and started a small little business of custom artwork on clothes.

What's a typical day in your shoes?
I don't really have typical days, I am always running around if I am not home working on my blog. I never have no plans.

You're an aspiring designer, what do you want to present to the world with your designs?
I want to bring back the essence of the 1950s but also add an art deco/avant garde twist to it. I plan to bring back a more polished woman who doesn't care for trends and just wants to look and feel good in what she is wearing.

You were currently in Las Vegas for Viva Las Vegas Convention, how was the experience? What's your favorite part of the convention?
The experience is out of this world. You feel like you just traveled back in time to the 1950s in some time machine. It is really a beautiful sight to see old cars and the men and women who follow the rockabilly scene so religiously. My part in the convention is to connect with these people because there really isn't much of a scene out here in NY. I have made many friends out there and have formed firm bonds with many pinup companies that I will cherish forever.

You're an inspiring woman who is comfortable in her own skin, what is beauty to you?
Beauty is loving yourself beyond the critiques of society. Confidence is beautiful and has no physical identity.

Do you have any upcoming projects, photoshoots, etc.?
Yeah, I will actually be in Playboy's July issue and am extremely excited and nervous about it amongst other projects I cannot comment on just yet. ;)

Last but not least, shout outs, etc.
I am extremely thankful to everyone who has helped me grow as a person. My readers are so supportive and motivate me everyday to keep going.

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