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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Chainsaws & Jelly | June Muse

Had the chance to kick it with my girl, Jaye Mize,  Home/Interiors Editor and Global Runway Editor for Fashion Snoops. I love to do my friends' make-up and why not with beautiful, baby Jaye. It was great collabing with her because she has such great laid back style and you have to see her awesome collection of everything possible!!! So ease back and relax and enjoy the June Muse. Major thank you to Eggs, the photos came out so pretty. And hope you like the make-up by little, old Sheena She.

Make sure to click the picture to enlarge so you can peep every detail!

Describe Jaye in 3 words.
Ladylike, ceative, and analytical.

The shoot was so you! Where do you find all the great bohemian pieces?
I am obsessed with vintage! A lot of it I've collected since high school, whether it was raiding my mom and grandmother's slip drawer or combing through Goodwills, Salvation Armys and vintage shops all over the southeast. I also have picked up some at the Brimfield Flea Market or traveling through out Europe. It's all about the one of a kind pieces you can't find anywhere else.

You are constantly traveling for Fashion Snoops. What's the experience like?
Crazy! But fun at the same time :) Usually I travel for trade shows so I will be in one city covering a trade show then jet off that night to another city to do a new show the next day. For example this past January I was in Berlin for Bread+ Butter, the biggest apparel trade show in Europe, then on our final day there we ran to the airport and flew to Paris. We got into to Paris at 11 pm and there was a bomb scare in the airport so we were stuck there until about 1am, then finally got to our apartment at 2am and I was up at Maison et Objet, the biggest trade show for Interiors in Europe, by 9 am the next morning. It's this crazy hectic love of the game that keeps you going. Some people really hate it but it's this constant feed of energy that I live for.

You're a Southern belle and also part Cherokee. You're beautiful with great facial structure. I loved doing your make-up. What did you enjoy about the shoot?
Aw thanks She!! Well working with you is one of my favorite parts because you are so calm and easy to work with plus it's fun to work with one of my best friends! I think there is this innate love of playing dress up as a child that has spanned over into my adulthood. It's fun to collaborate and develop ideas with friends that makes it much more personal.


Mr. GIF said...

Great shootin! Hubba hubba

nikko said...

shes a hottie