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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Polite Conversations | Eriks of C.O.P. Magazine


A polite conversation for the readers!  We are getting back on the interview grind!

We want to spread the love for C.O.P. Magazine.  We met Eriks back in December 2010 and we clicked.  She's a mover and shaker and here on C&J, we like to rep that to the fullest.  Respects to the female hustle!  Also want to shout out the other half of C.O.P., Miss Ivee!!

{Photo: Cheech Sanchez}

C.O.P. Magazine is based in Australia. Can you give us a bit of the history?
Well, we’re kind of based nowhere at the moment because I’m living in Toronto and my business partner Ivee, C.O.P. Magazine’s art director, lives in Sydney. We do this whole thing via emails. But the history goes that three years ago, Ivee was in her final year of design school, and she put out an all-Australian, all-girl graf mag called, Crimes Of Passion, as her graduation project. It was distributed around Australia and got some attention. When we met, I was working as a copywriter and she was working as a designer, and in that industry they usually pair people like us up as a team. So when we met it was just like, “Hey...”

As we worked on Issue #2 together, the decision was made to expand to more of a general arts/culture girl's mag, and that's when it started to degenerate into this really gully, big-mouthed publication for other charm school dropouts like ourselves. Surprisingly, we found an audience and now we're up to Issue #4 coming out this month.

Compiling a magazine is a lot of work! What keeps you motivated on accomplishing an issue?
It's mad fun to do the content, so getting that done isn’t a problem, it’s the business side of things that gets us both drafting our suicide notes. Lucky Ivee feels the same and we share the "chores." I would say, being in a partnership is probably the only reason C.O.P. has survived. And is stronger than ever, might I add.

What do you enjoy the most when working on C.O.P.?
I love it when I've sent off a finished article or interview or whatever and I get the first proof back from Ivee, with all the headings and photos and fancy design treatment and stuff. It's like Christmas morning all year 'round.

{Photo: Kara Riri}

We are so glad we met you at the Ladies Love Project back in December. How did you enjoy your stay in the East coast?
Thanks, I'm glad we met too! I love New York. I get way more love from New York than even Toronto, which sucks, considering I live here. I can't wait to come back and spend more time with you all. Meeting like-minded ladies like yourselves is the other thing I enjoy most about this mag, no question.

Being a lady and a go getter, what piece of advice do you have for the emerging mover and shaker?
Considering I am a broke-ass blogger in charge of probably the worst magazine in the world, and so far behind my peers you probably couldn't even consider them peers anymore, I feel like a total fraud giving advice. I can probably offer two things: Firstly, everyone wants these creative jobs with the same few companies, but almost none of them are thinking about how they’re going to make the aforementioned companies money. Especially now. Right now I'm actually making a living from jobs that I created for myself, by thinking of ways I could make/save a company money and approaching them with an offer. It can be something creative like writing an article, but it has to be smart, like it’s timed to come out at the same time as X, or it helps website Y sell an ad to company Z. Stuff like that. Apart from that, deliver the work you say you will, on time. It’s so surprisingly rare, being reliable got me way further than my b-grade writing ability ever did.

{Photo: Rose Martland}

Aside from the magazine, what do like to do, work on, etc.
When I’m not working I really do the dumbest, most lowest common denominator shit you can imagine. I play X-Box, pool, watch as much trashy reality TV as I can get my hands on and was surprised to find out recently that I actually enjoy watching UFC. Probably only when I'm sinking a bottle of wine to boot, which is another (frequent) pasttime. I’m also a foreign language geek and am considering a career change in that direction soon.

What's Eriks motto for inspiration?
"Do the stuff you don’t want to do, first." Very inspiring, I know. I should probably be a motivational speaker.

Shoutouts. Hooty hoo!!
Shoutouts to Chainsaws & Jelly for showing us love! Sorry for swearing all over our "polite conversation." See you when Ivee and me come to NY in August!

{Photo: Rose Martland}

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