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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Chainsaws & Jelly | May Muse

May Muse is here!!!  Our girl of the month is Andrea Bauzulli, lead singer of Anstantanople.  The photography team Christian Vasquez and Mario De Jesus of Vice Photography.  

The shoot was for Andrea's portfolio as well as Chainsaws and Jelly's Muse of the Month.  We had a great, creative team!  Shouts to Rosemary, Mandy, Steph, Ana, Vice, and Mario again!  Hope you enjoy!

What was the inspiration behind this shoot?
Well, the first obvious inspiration is my love for pin up girls. They are sexy,sassy, independant, usually big busted beauties hahaha. To me personally they represent that women can be sexual without being degrading. They are women who carry a set of balls as I would like to say. Which ties in with my more personal reason for the shoot. This year I have focused on a term "self-impowerment". For the past two years, I was in very emotional & phyiscally abusive controlling relationship. I was kind of blindsided for a while caught in a bubble of self doubt and vulnerability. I was blaming myself for things I didn't deserve, I felt ugly, I had no confidence, I felt worthless. And the cycle ended, I walked away and from now on I will no longer let anyone literally push me or stop me from anything. With this photoshoot, it's my first step in gaining my mind,body,and life back. This photoshoot was just one of the things this year to say, "Hey I'm here, I grew a set of balls and I'm going to do what I want to do, and no one is going stop me and get in my way or ever bring me down1" I'm chasing my dreams with no more nightmares invovled!!

You're a badass kinda woman and you were a brave soul during the shoot. What's confidence to you?
Confidence o man! Well CONFIDENCE is being fierce and flawless. Flawless in the sense when you, yourself as person are completely happy with every flaw you do have and you rock it and rock it proud. "If I cant love me, I can't love anybody else" as I qoute one of my own lyrics from the ANSTANTANOPLE e.p. is something I live by... and it all ties in with confidence you must be your first lover to have high self esteem, be happy and brave!

You're the singer for ANSTANTANOPLE. What's it like being the lead singer and what kind of rush do you get from it?
Yes, I am the lead singer from Anstantanople and it's amazing especially you have a a great partner, Damian Nodal (drummer) along side with you from day one, struggling along with you. They usually say singers got it the easiest because we don't have equipment to carry and all we got to do is show up and sing. But it's not true! I'm a complete band natzi. It's more than just showing up for me, it's putting in the time, organizing it well, and giving it all I got. Plus I'M writing my own melodies, own lyrics, and being a complete fashion statement on stage, haha! The rush is ovewhelming no matter if it's one person I play for or 80 to express myself genuinely thru music. On stage feels like I have fireworks bubbling thru my veins. It's a rush I can't explain. One second you're nervous and then your over excited and then something inside takes over you and it's like what you were born to do. I must say I'm completely in love with lights shining on me and on stage with eyes on me so I guess I love the attention too hahaha..but it's the connection with the crowd that matters the most.

Where can we listen to the music?
Honestly everything we have up is just raw demos we have thrown up over some of the common music websites like Last FM and Reverbnation. They aren't fully finished products but we are currently in the midst of paying off the mixing and mastering of a few tracks to get an ep out by the summer. But anyone who wants to get an idea can go to Last FM or Reverbnation or our Facebook has a bunch of links and Myspace has a video.

What did you enjoy most about the shoot?
My favorite part of the shoot was the people I worked with, duh. I got really lucky for my 1st shoot and my team was amazing!!! They made everything completely comfortable. I felt totally calm and ready. Even though it was long and somewhat tiring, everyone helped to make it fun and entertaining. I also got insightful tips for future photoshoots. Now I can take all my mistakes and work on them to better myself. I thank everyone who I got to work with: Christian Vazquez , Mario de Jesus, Steph Alexus, Rosemary Gonzalez, Mandy Stauffer, and of course, you, Miss Sheena She. You guys were amazing and once again, I thank everyone for taking the time to work with me and hope to work with everyone sometime in the future!


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This was really dope! I'm glad to see the muse of the month thing going so well. Can't wait until next month's muse!