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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Polite Conversations | Samer Fouad

Polite Conversations was lacking on our site and we remembered how important it is to have more original content on a site.  We've been slacking but we are back on track with more conversations with all the movers and shakers we encounter on our journeys.

Samer Fouad came into our lives by an art show we attended a few years back.    We love his ambitions, his strengths, and him as a whole.  He was one of the reasons "Red Velvet" was successful.  He helped us from the beginning til this day.

Get to know him a bit, stay awhile.    

The infamous, Shameful Designs! What's the story behind that name? And is it a group collective or just you?
Hahaha well, Shameful Designs is just me even though I like to pretend we're a collective group. The story behind the name started in 2005 when I needed a name for my Halo 2 gamertag for XBOX live and I was just a 15 year old boy listening to Maroon 5 on the radio and I heard the word "shameful" repeated in one of their songs and thought it was a good enough word so I went with it. Looking back now I find it funny that a Maroon 5 song gave me the influence. In 2006 I bought my first computer and got photoshop cs2 on it, so I created Shameful Designs for the art I was creating then.

You're an artist of all medias. Which do you prefer and why?
Yea, when people usually ask me what media I work in I just say I'm a renaissance man because one day I'll be painting and the next I'll be designing, but I mostly work in digital media and photography. I really love the idea of creating something from nothing in the "art" sense of the word but most people consider me a photographer. I just take photos so I can pay my rent to be honest, but it's also an amazing outlet for allowing people to look at the world through your eyes.

What influences your mode of creating?
Usually it's other artists that aren't working in the media that I plan to work in, but music is a heavy influence in my work. UNKLE, Radiohead, Massive Attack, Mojib (Staffan Ulmert), Gorillaz to just name a few, but when I see what another artist has done in a painting or a photograph I just get this rush of energy that I need to translate into a different form of media.

What struggles do you go through as an artist in this day of age?
I would say just the pull of every end of the artist world, between school, work, Shameful Designs, my other job, my studio, and my apartment life, I just feel like I always have too much on my plate and every time I clear it to put it in the sink for a quick rinse I get another helping. Plus it doesn't help that it is so difficult for your work to get noticed when Manhattan is right across the river and the amount of creatives in North Jersey alone.

Do you have any upcoming shows that you'd like to tell our readers about? Any new projects?
Well I'm always working on new projects that can be followed on my blog that gets updated daily, but off the top of my head there is too many pieces to talk about. Currently my work is being shown in Index Art Center at 585 Broad St Newark NJ, and I curated a self portrait show titled "ME" that is still on display at Art Kitchen which is located at 61 Halsey St Newark NJ.

This day in age, I'd like to think we have our own theme song to get us through the day. What's yours?
Hahaha this is such a good question! I would have to say Right Now by Van Halen because it is exactly like how my day pans out. I wake up with a slow lazy start and the second I get out my apartment it's on.

Shout outs, etc?
Special thanks to you Sheena for always being amazing and thinking of me for this, I also wanna say hi to my parents and thank them for dealing with my insanity. Thank you to my ol'lady Ashley for also dealing with my insanity but on a daily basis <3, and a real special thank you to Rebecca Jampol (aka the greatest person in the world) and Lowell Craig for giving me all the amazing opportunities these last 3 years that I've lived in Newark. I love the Newark Art Crew so a big loving shout out to all you too!

Pick your poison! 

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