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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Chainsaws & Jelly | March Muse

Firstly, we thank all of our readers. Secondly, we thank you to all of our readers that have given us great feedback on our muses. It has been a hit!

Our March Muse is Ashley Zensen, a senior in Rutgers University. We love her bubbly spirit and great sense of style. All of the outfits were from Ashley's closet.

Beast from the east, Samer Fouad, did a great job capturing his lovely lady.  The best part working with Samer Fouad is how we see eye to eye.  He knows exactly what direction we're going for.  Thank you so much. We love our homie fo' life!

We wanted the make-up to pop, a bit couture, and we called it "Judy Jetson." Nothing serious because we don't like serious! The whole object about being a muse is to really show their personality through each picture and just have fun.

Enjoy the photos and a short interview with the gorgeous muse!

Model/Stylist: Ashley Zensen
Photography: Samer Fouad \\
MUA: Sheena She

What do you enjoy most about graphic design?
I mostly enjoy the type of freedom there is with graphic design. I like that you can bring a little bit of yourself into something for other people.

What projects are you working on this year?
This year it's all about the senior graphic design show for me! There are a wide range of projects just to try and show a broad idea of what I can do.

Thank you for being our muse, you had an awesome selection of clothing, where do you like to go shopping?
Thrift shops! Nothing is better than an amazing piece of clothing with an extremely small price tag, but of course I have to splurge. I love Urban Outfitters and my new obsession has to be AllSaints Spitalfields.

How would you describe your personality?
Hmm..I'd have to say that I am pretty out there and a free spirit, but I'm down to earth at the same time. I think I'm the type of person who tries to be happy doing whatever it is I'm doing and I try to find peace in that..if not, I just turn to the next thing and laugh about it.

What did you think of the photoshoot? Would love your feedback!
AHHH! It was so much fun! The make-up was different from anything I would ever do and I absolutely LOVED it. It was dope to hang out with my flip sista and Samer :) ..The fake eye lashes were a total trip, I have no idea how women do that all the time! It was an incredible opportunity and I can't believe you thought of me! Thank you soo much XOXO.

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