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Monday, December 06, 2010

Recap | "Hello My Name Is" & Hello Jupiter #02

Had the chance to see the sticker art over at Fish With Braids Gallery in Jersey City this past Friday. I'm really going to miss the place as well as the lovely, Uta, that runs the gallery. The gallery will be moving to Brooklyn and I wish all the luck over at the new location. Good times on Friday, with artists, falafels, and PBR's. Plus, I got Rocky to come to Jersey from Bushwick.  And got to hang with Phil Artiste for a minute.  Jersey forever.

Saturday was amazing. I won't mention much about HJ's Issue #02. We'll leave that a surprise :)  Only uploaded one picture to entice the imagination.

For the whole she-bang, please visit our Flickr.


sey said...

HJ #02 is gonna be dope. That picture you uploaded to Flickr... you girls nailed it!

Chainsaws & Jelly said...

thank you sey! we worked it that day. :) i'm so proud of us, like i felt fulfilled that day.