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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Polite Conversations | Mila Victoria {Make-Up Artist + Photographer}

Backed up on some politeness. Things will be changing once the holidays are over. Trust! Miss Sheena She will be adding more interesting conversations from creators all over the world. Pleasant moving and shaking, folks.

This is our newest polite conversation with the magnificent Mila Victoria. We've been following this inspiring femme since our livejournal days so it's been a while now. So glad she was down to give us a brief pow-wow and give us some of her tricks and trades in her world!

Mila, tell us where you are from and and a few words that describes yourself.
Homegrown from the heart of Toronto, Canada, but my spirit is in outer space (and I hope my body will be, as well. Note to future self). I am my self - easily influenced, an observer, attracted to energy and reciprocating it, colourful.

How long have you been a make-up artist? Did you go to school for make-up?
About 6 years (8 years if you count when I first started doing my friends' makeup in high school!). I recently graduated from George Brown's School of Makeup in Toronto this past summer. It took me about two years to finish my Advanced Certificate program, juggling creative work, a full time "day" job and daily classes. I didn't attend school right away, and have no regrets. I believe everything happens for a reason, and after years of debating and researching, I am so happy that I did what I did. All my instructors were all pro-active in the industry and sincerely wanted us to succeed. Tough love. I love learning, being in a class environment, and building new relationships.

Do you prefer high end or drugstore make-up? Maybe a little bit of both?
Bits of both. For face products (ie. creams, foundations, etc), I invest a lot more - for myself and for my clients. I really love my Giorgio Armani foundations, Face Atelier, YSL products. Skin is very important to me, whether it's "made-up" or raw. Makeup will only look as good as your skin. It's been said many times, but it's true! Whatever makeup I'm doing - skin is my number one priority. If it doesn't look right, I'm not happy. For mascaras, sponges, glosses, I will purchase them at drugstores. I really love Cover Girl's Lash Blast mascaras and their long wear glosses. My kit is a range of high and low end brands and price points and they all work for me. However, I always like other Makeup Artist's kits. It's like when you were a kid in grade school and you envied your classmate's snack better than yours. You're never happy with what you have *tsk tsk*

What's your favorite beauty products out in the market these days?
Shu Uemura's cleanse off oils ( It removes everything! Cleanser, makeup remover and toner all in one. They have it for different skin types, so everyone's happy! Dermalogica's microfoliant ( It does what it says. I use it daily. Dermalogica's Ultra calming line ( is also really great! I've been using it on set, and got one of the anchors to buy it, and have noticed a significant improvement in their complexion.

What product(s) in your kit, you think all make-up artists should have?
Giorgio Armani foundation. It's worth the investment. Both photographers and clients will love you for it's texture and natural finish - no matter what coverage you get.

Aside from a make-up artist, you're also a great photographer. I love the saturation and clarity of your photos. What inspired you to be behind the lens as well?
I was stuck (or so, I thought). I tried emailing several (pretty much every photographer in Toronto/GTA at the time mind you, this was 5-6 years ago) and only two photographers got back to me. One I was able to assist and are still such great inspirations to me, the other gave me a rude awakening - and am thankful for both events. I googled here and there, bought my DSLR and taught myself to do what I wanted to see. I also had some photoshop "experience" from when web designing was all the rage in the early 2000's. I still have so much to learn and I do plan on educating myself and taking a course in the near future.

I mentioned on Twitter how I've been following you since Livejournal days. How nerd of me! I'd like to hear your thoughts on the power of the Internet. What would you say is the good, the bad, and the ugly?
Oh man, Livejournal is simply nostalgic - it just brings back great and sincere memories. We were all open to everything. We cared more of what you had for dinner or how you spent your weekend. We were more engaged and didn't mind reading a paragraph or two daily. It's like how a Parisian enjoys their meal - savouring every bite. Now, the internet's pace is quicker than fast food! It is a powerful place. It's easier to voice out your opinion, share your ideas/things and it's viral. That can work both in a positive and negative force. What's ugly about the world wide web, especially if you're trying to establish yourself (in real life and in the e-world), is inconsistency. It's quick to fall off and be left behind.

When you aren't working, what's a typical day in your shoes?
That's a good question, too bad I don't have a sexy answer. I should be doing more extra curricular activities, but unfortunately, I'm not. But, that'll change when I bust out the "figure skater" in me this winter ;) I spend a lot of time on the internet, watching videos, browsing articles. I do have a guilty pleasure for music videos. I can't get enough! I love going out with my girlfriends when our schedule's sync. They encourage me to try new things. We're doing a trapeze class next weekend!

Thanks so much for taking time for this polite conversation! Where can the readers find your amazing work and also be part of your world?
My pleasure! Thank you for having me. Reader's can find me everywhere:
Facebook group: Mila Victoria - feel free to "Like" it, if you're so inclined.

Credits: All Makeup by Mila Victoria
Photos in order:
1. Mila Victoria head shot
2. "Tribal Techno" Editorial Shot by Mila Victoria for Naked Eye Magazine

3. Photography by Mila Victoria

4. Photography by Justin Borbely

5. "Photography by Kevin Marzo
6. "Tribal Techno" Editorial Shot by Mila Victoria for Naked Eye Magazine
7.Photography by Michael Graf for SONY Vaio campaign
8. Photography by Paolo Azarraga for October's Very Own x Canada Goose Campaign Featuring Paolo Ronaldo

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