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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PSA | Happy Spirit Day!

Today isn't about wearing purple. It's something more than that.  It's more than homosexuality or any sexual orientation.  It's more than that.  For those that know me, I've got a lot of love. I don't have patience for ignorance nonetheless hate!

Meet Kenny. First thing he did was probably search on Twitter who tweeted spirit day and started randomly giving his feelings. Thank you Kenny for showing me and the world what kind of person you are. Clearly you have so much hate that your timeline clearly proves it.

I totally understand that hey, freedom of this and that, I'm entitled to say and feel and think whatever I want. This is America, right? Just always remember that someone out there has it more worse than you. And you run a photography business? Maybe work on that more, you need the practice.

1 comment:

Erica said...

What a douche! It's a damn shame.