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Monday, August 02, 2010

Recap / Rock Steady Crew 33rd Anniversary

Rock Steady Crew 33rd Anniversary is one of my favorite events to go to every year.  It was held at Lincoln Park, Newark.  The vibe is excellent and when the audience is louder than your average bear, it's a wonderful feeling.  I love when people sing along to the performances because the city of Newark knows their hip hop and classics!  The place was packed like I've never seen before, like I mean PACKED!  Mayor Cory Booker and Ras Baraka graced the stage.  I got a press pass, thanks to Omar!  I enjoyed being out by the masses and realized being press isn't all the hype.  But I was extra happy to finally meet DJ Sarah Love!!!

I love Jersey and Rock Steady needs more Jersey acts performing next year!  Big Daddy Kane was my favorite performance.  Ohhhh, isn't that little boy's bboy stance fresh?  Yeah he did his thing on stage.  Shouts to this little man, the Rock Steady Crew, city of Newark, and all the performers/DJ's: The Artifacts, Big Daddy Kane, DJ Scratch, EPMD, Rakim, Brown Bag Allstars Max Jerome, Sucio Smash, and others!

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