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Monday, August 30, 2010

Polite Conversations | DJ Sarah Love

I like the "one woman worldwide wreckin machine". You definitely have many badges on your shoulder. For those that need a proper introduction, please tell all that you do!

I guess I’m first known as a Hip Hop DJ and for being a radio/TV presenter. But you know, I’m a businesswoman, a family person, a rebel–I wear a lot of hats!

What keeps you motivated?
It’s funny cause I’m a driven, proactive type person but I don’t know why exactly! It just kinda happens itself, probably inherited but I think I just have a passion for life you know. There’s so many things to experience on earth and I get a buzz off that. Plus my previous generations’ struggle was also their investment in me and I respect that duty. Love for and from my people energizes me.

Tell us what's a typical day in Miss Love's shoes.
Haha good question! Its not like I have a consistent nine to five type of lifestyle, my life’s consistently different! In London I’m around town, making things happen, I’m on the phone, the computer, I seem to do a fair bit of driving, I’m cooking. I always make as much time as I can for family, oh and I eat the same breakfast more or less everyday like a weirdo haha! But you know if I’m traveling, the average day is totally different. It’s packing, airports, hotels, different people, languages, food, clubs, switchin up your body clock, dealing with a new situation. So you know week on week can be different for me.

How did you start djaying?
Few different elements at play really. Firstly, my family nurtured me musically. My parents have always been involved in music and their careers inspired me. They had a vinyl collection too and I liked it! My sisters introduced me to Hip Hop very young and later I taught myself to DJ and got to connect with London’s Hip Hop community thru working at a store called Deal Real Records. I built my name and earned my stripes as resident DJ at a legendary London Hip Hop party called Kung Fu. From there I began touring internationally and got into radio and television really off the back of my rep as a club DJ.

What was your first vinyl?
The Four Tops ‘Reach Out/I’ll Be There’ single when I was seven. The song was on a TV advert and I just got fixated on getting the record. I felt like I wasn’t going to feel rested till I owned it.

It was a pleasure finally meeting you at Rock Steady's 33rd Anniversary. You came to Newark! What was the best part of the event?
It was wicked meeting you too Sheena! And yes my first trip to Newark !!!! So many amazing performances that day, I was goin crazy! For me the best part was just seeing such a beautiful gathering of people. From the crowd to the artists, the energy was amazing and so positively Hip Hop. Hearing that many people all rapping the words to Artifacts or Big Daddy Kane for example was a wicked feeling. It was a blessing to be there for real. And I got to meet & interview some certified legends so that was like wow!

Do you have any projects coming up? Do tell!
I’m really excited about my show on Spine TV, its called Soul Power so check us out cause we’re building something really dope there! I was filming backstage at Rock Steady for that, so cant wait to see the finished show. Hitting the road is also the flavour of the moment. Next stops are Scandanavia, Australia and putting together Africa & The States as we speak!

Whose album or albums are you currently playing?
I’ve played the hell out of Roc Marciano’s ‘Marcberg’ lately hahaha! Great unashamedly Hip Hop record! And Willie Evans Jr’s upcoming album called ‘Introducing’ on High Water Music is kinda superhero status so I cannot WAIT for that to come out!!

Aside from music related questions, I do have a girly question to ask. You are absolutely gorgeous with lovely skin. What is your beauty routine like?
Hahaha, awww Sheena you are too sweet! Thank you queen!! I don’t really have a beauty routine like that or even really think about those kinda things too much to be honest. But I believe in Ital living, so I eat real food that makes your body say ‘Yes!’. Surely our skin reflects what goin on on the inside right? I don’t know but, I don’t like eating chemicals so I avoid processed complicated fake food. And skin is like a tongue, in that it absorbs into the system what you put on it so I avoid using chemicals on my skin. I use a face scrub from Lush called Mask of Magnaminty everyday and plain, cheap, no brand emoillent cream. Keeping it simple & giving your skin’s natural oils a chance is the best way for me.

Last but not least, any special words you'd like to add and/or shoutouts?
Yes most importantly, thank YOU Sheena She for having me here! And I really look forward to hookin up again. And to everyone reading, you rock so reach out to me at I’d love to hear from you!

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