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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Highdeas | Art Imitating Life Again by Hayes Hemingway

This was in a residential neighborhood in Hollywood, right across from the Scientology headquarters. I don't know who the artist is, nor do I know when they did this, but with these images I can share with you, a little something I saw stoned, walking my dogs.

I love street art and I love seeing art in the streets. That's from being a frequent NYC visitor. I also like seeing different mediums combined. I'm a photo junkie, so when I saw this electricity box wheatpasted with images of its surroundings, I had to snap some photos.

Those of you fortunate enough to have seen this done before, pardon my ignorance. I'm the kind of guy who would get a beach scene or a city skyline as wall paper for my office, so appreciating this is simple for me.

My stoned thoughts make me wonder about the obvious. What was the artist trying to say? Are we reflections of our environments? Are we reflections of ourselves? Is the artist saying that no matter where we are we are always representing where we originated, whether we know it or not?

Your guess is probably better than mine. Here's mine.

Maybe it's just mirroring; simply put -- we are, where we are. At any given moment what we're exposed to affects our psyche more than we realize.

I'd love to wear a mask that's a mirror and film my experience. We're our biggest fans. We love it when we see ourselves. We definitely love those who help us see ourselves.

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