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Friday, July 23, 2010

Recap / Alphabet Soup

Just a recap of what Jersey is about especially in the graff/street art scene.  It's a small world after all.  Finally had the chance to meet a very special lady and she's just too cute.  Shouts to Bob of Warfair, Truce, The Animal Crackas, Serringe & Erica, Linda & Mathew, Fish With Braids Gallery and everyone that I saw last night.  Too many to name.  And excuse the gritty pics and bad picture taking, hah.  Enjoy the pictures (after the jump).  Next time, you should come out and see what it's all about.


Erica said...

It was so nice meeting you last night, sweetie! Keep up what you're doing ; )

Serringe's Wifey

Chainsaws & Jelly said...

hey erica! it was great meeting you last night. you're so sweet! i made sure to add you in the shouts! hopefully i'll be seeing you both more often at art and hip hop events.

Element Tree said...

Thanks girl... it was nice meeting you last night. Your pictures came out way better than mine so dont feel bad. Thanks for the love! Also my wife has a food and fashion blog you might want to check out

Thats my poo!

Element Tree said...