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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hayes Hemingway's Smokin' With | Talia Sunset

Talia Sunset is a futuristic female version of Vincent Van Goh, with Bob Marley's affinity for marijuana, and she's from the Virginia area. Ok, let me try that again. This multi-racial young lady reps DMV and is a female Davinci because there's nothing she thinks she can't do. She's a great visual artist but secretly I believe she invented a time-machine, because she lives in airports. She's probably stoned in one now, about to catch a flight to your favorite city, to kick it with your favorite celebs. Say "high" if you see her, and ask her where the weed's at. She knows.

How were you first introduced to marjiuana?
I had heard about marijuana from TV and movies and of course the D.A.R.E. Program. I had a basic (but very skewed of course) idea of what it was. At a 4th of July celebration the summer after 7th grade, I was with a bunch of my friends who were a few years older than me, as my friends usually have been. They all wanted to try it and I thought it was my lucky day. We tried a receipt paper joint (epic fail), then the classic soda can, then finally twisted a sloppy blunt. It wasn't good shit by any means, but it was enough to catch my attention and make me want to do it again.

Did you ever have a negative attitude towards it or towards people who use it?
Absolutely not. From the start I've always associated it with peace, hippies, and happiness. Even when the police officer spoke to our 5th grade class about the so-called negative effects of marijuana, I thought it sounded like a good time. I remember wondering how a plant could be as bad for you as the things cooked in the labs out in the desert.

Do you feel like it would make a difference in America if Marijuana was decriminalized?
Absolutely. There's the obvious economy-boosting aspect, and the billions of dollars wasted by the D.E.A. that would be saved. But like I said I think of peace when I think of weed. There's a quote I love by Abbey Hoffman that goes, "Instead of all this energy and effort directed at the war to end drugs, how about a little attention towards drugs which will end war?" It's so true. I'm not saying that decriminalization or even legalization will turn our country into paradise, but it can only help.

What does marijuana do for you?
I'm a crucial insomniac, and unfortunately because of how frequently I use marijuana, it doesn't always make me tired. But, it definitely relaxes me and helps me in falling asleep. I have really bad back pain that has been relieved on countless occasions thanks to a good indica. I am really impatient and short-tempered naturally, but with trees burning, I can tolerate almost anything. Sometimes even with a smile! Basically anything done after smoking is much more pleasant and fun. Marijuana gets me high and whether it is curing an ailment, fueling creative inspiration, or acting as an icebreaker in a room full of strangers, it just seems impossible for me to be unhappy while high.

How hard is it to get good marijuana where you're from?
Oh man, I talk about this all the time. I'm from Northern VA outside of DC. I lived there until after I turned 18, and aside from a handful of times, it's mid-grade all day. [Because of that] I had no idea weed could be so good. I didn't even want to twist a blunt because it would be wasteful! I always say the best weed I've ever had in VA was worse than the worst weed I've had in CA. All my friends love me even more when I come back to visit with Cali's finest.

Tell us about a time you were out of state or out of the country and you tried to get some marijuana.
One time I was in the Virginia Beach area in need of weed. My girl and I didn't know anyone nearby so we decided to post-up at a gas station and just watch everyone who came until we thought someone looked like a weed smoker. The thing is, you can't really profile a weed smoker. Sure there are the stereotypical characteristics to keep an eye out for, like a Bob Marley t-shirt for example, but people of all different ages and races smoke. We ended up asking a black guy with a Bone Thugs sticker on his car. He was pretty sketchy, but we got our weed and went on with our day. I usually have some wherever I go, or know someone I can call, so I don't usually have to ask strangers.

Tell us a Marijuana story we wouldn't believe.
My girl Keona is one of the girls I smoke with most back in VA. We've gotten into our fair share of interesting situations while stoned. One time, we went for a walk after dark around this pond near my parent's hood [is it an oxymoron to say that there was a 'pond' in a 'hood?' Lol just to clear that up I'm not trying to front like I'm from the jects=p] to smoke a blunt and kill some time. After we were done, we were sitting in her car in the parking lot which was empty, waiting on a phone call to figure out what we were going to do. I was putting my weed in her glove compartment and when I closed it, I heard a noise like the jar just fell. Sure enough, I open the glovebox and I don't see the jar. As soon as I start bitching about how the hell we're going to get it out of there, a bright light shines into the car. I was so worried about my weed that I didn't even notice "5-0" roll up behind us. She had to get her registration out of the glove box to give to the officer so it was actually a really lucky break that the bud wasn't in there! He was mean-mugging and shining his light all around the car, because I'm sure we smelled like bud. In the end, he let us go since we weren't doing shit, and I used my tiny asian monkey hands to miraculously retrieve my jar.

Does Marijuana affect you creatively?
Oh my God, yes! I am a sculptor, painter, fashion designer, seamstress, cake decorator, etc. Basically any kind of art you can name, I am already into or interested in trying. Creativity runs through my veins already, but with the euphoric effect THC has on the brain, the possibilities are truly endless. My thought processes accelerate and ideas are constantly forming. Marijuana seems to affect me creatively the most when it comes to painting or writing. I guess putting a pen or paintbrush to paper is the easiest way to let things flow out naturally.

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