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Friday, July 02, 2010

Creepy Girl | Yo Landi Vi$$er of Die Antwoord

Finally! A new creepy girl after such a long break. 

Yeah she looks crazy, trashy, and anorexic. But something about her is creepy, I still haven't figured it out yet. She's got this spunk to her as well as the no nonsense attitude but still seems like she'll be your best friend. 

Die Antwoord always leaves me curious. You can't really understand what they are saying and they might be a big joke to many but I'm ok with saying that I have them on my Ipod. WE ARE ALL GUILTY OF LIKING THINGS THAT THE NEXT PERSON MIGHT NOT. Circle of life, yo. Coming from South Africa with their zef style, I'm looking forward to see where they take their music. 

I missed my chance to see Die Antwoord last Saturday and I'm ok with it. They have another show coming up, anyway so, Yo Landi, if you see this, holler at me.

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