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Monday, June 21, 2010

Recap / N*E*R*D @ Brooklyn Bowl

Chainsaws and Jelly is really thankful to all the dope people that send submissions. We personally know Brook Bobbins and he's always sending us great content especially to things we don't get to attend. Thanks so much Brook!

{Wednesday night 6/16/2010}

N*E*R*D rolled into NYC for a free show at Brooklyn Bowl. The concert venue/bowling alley plays host to some of the best parties in the city and this was one not to miss. They were filming some sort of music video or live DVD so there were swing cams flying all over the place. The crowd was thick, beautiful and diverse. At 10:30 Pharrell Chad Shay and the rest of the crew stormed the stage opening with a Party People intro seamlessly transitioning into Killjoy with two scantily clad women on risers on either side of the stage freakin. Already the crowd was going crazy and any space left on the floor was filled. They ran through a solid set of old and new tracks and brought serious energy as always. As Everyone Nose started the place erupted and everyone in the building was jumping as high as they could but the true excitement came when Lupe Fiasco came busting out from the back to drop his verse to the song. For the remainder of the set Lupe was a fixture on stage spinning, jumping and throwing water on people (and cameras) He pretty much Spazzed cause he wanted to. When they left the stage and everyone began chanting N E R D - N E R D - N E R D, they exploded back on stage to close with Rockstar and the electricity in the air was crazy. It was a great show with great energy.Thierry Guetta (Mr Brainwash) was in the building and all the guys were super nice. Lupe was talking in an French/American accent trying to imitate Thierry and it was extremely entertaining. After the show I caught up with everyone and just chopped it up about random stuff, they were great interacting with the fans after the show inside and outside. N*E*R*D have one of the best live shows I've ever witnessed and I have seen them numerous times, they always bring the energy and they really get the crowd involved. Im also pretty sure I saw a girl forcibly mash her tongue into P's mouth as he exited the side door and hopped in his SUV with a novelty plate reading DIVA. Thierry and Lupe followed behind in the Benz truck. - Brook Bobbins

Photos by Brook Bobbins

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