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Monday, June 28, 2010

Recap / The Creators Project NYC

I had the great opportunity to attend something that was worth while this past Saturday. The experience alone was fulfilling and it really brought a lot of ideas to mind. It was a very, very long day and I was alone. I loved all the visuals, the DJ sets, and most of the performances that I did catch. Free booze, free food, and free creativity, it was a great time.

The Creators Project was an invite only event that you had to register for. I wouldn't have known anything if I didn't get an invite from Vice Magazine. I registered the first day and was using all of my powerful thinking that "I'm on that list" and sho' nuff I made the cut!

Took place at Milk Studios on W.15th St.

I tried to get as many visuals as possible, so enjoy! Just visit my

Artists, musicians, dj's include:
Neon Indian
Sleigh Bells
Takeshi Murata
Spike Jonze
United Visual Artists
Graffiti Research Lab
Die Antwoord
MOS Architects
and many more!!!!!!

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