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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Polite Conversations / Jes of Tough Love NYC

Tough Love, why is it sooo tough?
We are rough, rugged and raw!

What's in the name and who is behind the madness?
The company was originally going to be called jhearts and Tough Love was suppose to be a line. I wanted something that was more rough and tumble so then decided to call the brand Tough Love. And in all actuality Tough Love was and is the only love I know.

If you pulled back the curtain to our lil shit show you'd see its not just me, Jesone. I've got some dope ladies (if you can call them ladies) on my team.

There's Stujess who's a computer design wiz with tons of great ideas scrambled all over her colorful life and mind. Everything about stujess can be inspiring. From her web design to her craftiness to her decor in her apt and I love her for it.

Aaaaaand then there's Daisy. Ahh, Daisy. She's a sarcastic cunt with plenty of opinion and insight. She's the anti everything, which makes for great arguments about her double standards and nitpickiness. And yet we click. It just works.

Also, shout outs to Ms. Vandal for her contributions and her priceless input. Last but definitely not least Jiga my Niga. Single g's because the other 2 were invested in the company.

Me? I'm a plethora of adjectives. Some of them are my own made up adjectives. Like sweettart jheart (that's self explanatory). Not like the candy... Ok well maybe kinda like the candy. I let my inner child run wild, she's the main source of my creativity. I tend to exude confidence and may come off as a kunt, not to be confused with cunt. Kaptain K, ask about her. My ambition had kept me in survival mode from day one and imma just keep on keepin on. As you can see, I have multiple personalities and wear many hats.

And that's it, that's our wonderland, our cast and crew, our oz, our squad.

Loving the new tees, what inspirations helped you choose each individual tee?
My creative team and I take inspiration from every aspect of our lives, we are all very different and yet similar. I think growing up in Queens has something to do with it. I feel TLNYC is a collective project. When friends come and see what's to come posted on the bulletin board they critique and give ideas. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

What is Tough Love's main focus with the brand?
To stay true to self and what we represent. Keep pumping out that fiyah that the females want and their men who want to rock it.

Chainsaws and Jelly loves you all. Tough Love was there, willing to donate to our Red Velvet event with a few tees, stickers, and pins. We only knew each other from the internets and came correct. We loved the helping hands. Why is it so important to give a hand?
I'm a giver (unless you cross me! lol) so it comes natural. If I got it I'll give it and if I don't lets work it out. I would loooove to organize events. Especially for children. Not many people do it nowadays, in our opinion.

Will we be seeing more of Tough Love?
Is this a trick questions? Of course!!

Maybe in stores?
In the works.

With so many other t-shirt brands out in the market, what makes you stand out from the rest of the business?
We are what the brand represents. I won't print something unless it speaks to me 150%. We design for girls like us. The girls who played rough with the boys and yet did their hair to look cute for the exact boys they competed with.

We are all about positivity, do you have any positive quotes that come to mind?
I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter. – Walt Disney

Last words?
Love Tough!

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