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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New / Dan Time

7:30 AM

After a night of writing (anonymous) sarcastic remarks on other blog site comment sections, I figured it was about time I gave the ol' chainsaw a go round.

It's been an exciting couple of days. How exciting you ask? Well, some people need explosions and random violence for excitement, I need new pets and a date movie.

Me and the Lady rented "Couples Retreat". It felt like a therapy session. Please note that I've never been to therapy. It was a predictable movie about four couples that go on a retreat to renew the love in their married lives. Oh yeah, Vince Vaughn was in it and there's a random scene with a kid pooping in a hardware store floor model toilet. That never gets old.

Anyways, on too the next one. New Pets!




Two months of life running around the apartment, trying to figure out how this thing called living works.

The first night was cool. They were still trying to figure out how they got here. They were also trying to figure who the giant with the smelly feet and the Asian girl were. Once they figured it out - jeez. It's cute to wake up to a 3 pound ball of fur purring and wanting to cuddle. It's CRAZY when you wake up to TWO 3 POUND fur balls wrestling in between 10 inches of space in a bed at 6am.

I love the little ladies though. Especially when they are asleep.


Always a great time over at the BFS. I got to hang out with O and Les over on Lakeview ave in Clifton. Omar had his new camera, and Chris aka "vicer" came through with his camera and it turned into a little fun day of beer and photog.

Side Note: in attendance - JS Krills, Chad Mula, Eggs, Sincere, Elvis, James, Chris, and Joe from Branded Baron...and Of course Omar and Leslie.

Case Study: No DIRECTION

If you were there, I hope you enjoyed it. I screwed up time, so I had to have a few people turn around because of my mix up. I apologize. It was a good time. I made sure I was heavily intoxicated by the second song into my set. That led to me forgetting songs, and not caring about it.

45 minutes can do that to you.

But anyways, Shout to the lovely Sofia for putting together a pretty cool event.

On That Note

I'm tired.

So word, I have a couple more shows coming up - so stay tuned peoples.

This Summer is Going to be a good one!

I'm off to scoop litter and get the neosporin ready for these two little monsters.




Just for you guys -

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