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Friday, April 23, 2010

Weird NJ | Rime Dog Rescue

{photo scanned from Weird NJ magazine #32}

Last night, I was reading my newly purchased Weird NJ magazine, #32 to be exact. I'm still a dedicated reader to the magazine since I started collecting and reading when I was in middle school. Spare me, I'm a nerd and I can't help it.

I was reading an awesome article in regards to Rime, a.k.a., Jersey Joe. Patti, an animal lover, fosters dogs and lives in a trailer. One of her dog is named Rimedog influenced by Rime. She's actually a big fan of Rime! I love it. Anyways, she and a friend recorded a message to "pimp her trailer" and sent it to Rime who resides in LA. When he saw the video, he promised to "pimp out" her trailer and he certainly did.

Go Jersey Joe!

To see the video and learn more about Rimedog Rescue, please visit:

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