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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Polite Conversations w/ Vicer

As per Wikipedia, "vice is a practice or a habit considered immoral, depraved, and/or degrading in the associated society." You've asked me recently on an interview my vices, well, what is yours?
Well I guess according to your definition, I really don't have any vices, I'm actually quite perfect....hahaha.......Well if I had to pick a handful, I would start with the fact that I like to booze it up a bit, I like to smoke...(not crack) and I have an addiction to sneakers and Polo clothing..also photography, loud music and white (romanian) women..............a vice to me is something you love and choose not to quit, or give up on.....that is actually what i like to portray on my pics.

How'd you get into photography?
Well as a child watching my dad taking pictures with his Leica rangefinder (and him not letting me touch it) really got my interested into cameras, but as a graffiti writer, taking pics of my freshly painted work or my friends work, really got me taking that street/ "photojournalistic" photography to a level where other people enjoyed looking at my flicks.

You have a great eye when capturing different scenes, people, and objects. What piece of advice can you give to a novice photographer?
Hmmm....well as a novice photog myself, my only advice is keep taking pics, inform yourself with some of the major technical aspects, and keep taking pics.

Jersey is in the house, as always. We've had great conversations about our dirty state. 3 words to describe the people
Only 3 words huh? ummm.......Splendiforously Spicy Homosapiens

Chainsaws and Jelly recently did an awesome, fun, and creative shoot with you. Do you have anymore projects coming up? What do you want to start incorporating in your photos?
I got a couple of things I'm trying to work on, first is the joint venture with my friend Money Dinero, concentrating on more of magazine feel, dealing with all things Jersey...and some other stuff that I'm keeping hush hush for now, (dont want to jynx it), as far as incorporating stuff, I wanna just keep shooting and progressing.

Besides photography, I've noticed you have mad love for the hip hop culture especially with the local Jersey emcees. You've photographed: Daniel Joseph, The Other, St. Joe name a few. What is hip hop to you?
Hip hop to me is a life style, from the the beats, the lyrics to the fashion, the way you act and talk....hip hop is an ever changing genre that I am happy to be part of in one way or another.

I'm all about positivity. What quote can you relate to?
"If she ain't happy, nobody's happy!" Hahaha.....that quote has kept me in a healthy relationship with my girl for the past 5 years!!!

Last but not least, I know you have lots to thank, by all means shout them out!
First off to my mom and pops, who decided to procreate, and the lord for letting me have all my 5 senses intact.....also Sheena and C & J for giving me this opportunity and for just being nice in general!!!!! And to all the Jersey artists I have had the pleasure of working with...The Blackflag Shoppe and all the cool peeps I've met and will meet while I'm doing my photog partner in crime Money Dinero and last but not least, my future ex-wife (hehe) Ana, I love you!!!!

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