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Friday, April 16, 2010

Free Weed! by Hayes Hemingway

This is what free marijuana looks like. When a dispensary opens for business they like to build up their patient list and the easiest way to do that is by giving away free product. I've never heard of a physician doing the same when opening up a practice, but it's the same concept: fill out the paperwork to be a patient and have some free healthcare while you're at it. This dispensary put out a full page color ad in a medical marijuana journal stating that the "first 200 people would receive a free eighth and the next 100 a free gram."

These pictures were taken when I got there. I was number 198 and when I got inside, finished filling out the paperwork, and had my recommendation verified there there were only three eighths to choose from. One indica and two sativas. The kid ahead of me in line snagged the last indica and the sativa I got, Super Silver Haze, I never gave a chance to see if it worked.

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Miss Bee said...

hell yes ...i need to go there