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Monday, March 15, 2010

Solo(s) Project House / Outside Your Box

March 19, 2010
6 – 10 pm

Solo Project #1: “Outside Your Box” Clarence Rich
Paintings in lobby by Willa Goldthwaite

Art Auction with art by Ibrahim Amad III, Zoe Baldwin, Fernando Barretto, Jeanne Brassille, Beatriz Burgos, Samer Fouad, Spencer Frohwirth, Erik Garcia, Sandro Gomes, Matthew Gosser, Evonne M. Davis, Jessica Harkness, Rebecca Jampol, Josh Knoblick, Robert Lauch, Kylie Lefkotwitz, Kevin Merkel, Lori Merhige, Marshal Okin, Mr. Mustart, Kelly Anne Pinho, Luisa Pinzon, James Prez, A.K Savage, Kilroy Savage, Stan Studol, Christine Wagner, Ellen Whitney, Willa Goldthwaite and much more.

Music by DJ Amanda
Performance by Kelly Ann Pinho

Grub & Grog provided by Hell’s Kitchen Lounge
After Party at Hell’s Kitchen Lounge

Solo Project #1: OUTSIDE YOUR BOX

Clarence Rich, a street artist that for the last 13 years has not only made his mark on the street, but also has challenged the North Jersey gallery scene. His progressive work has inspired a younger generation of urban artists.

Rich describes his loose approach and technique as “letting his hand run wild.” His work is visually aggressive and conceptually deviant. With an incongruous palette of morose shapes, and sickly human-like characters he manufactures a world that is not yours or mine.

Solo Project #1, “Outside Your Box” specifically focuses on geometric material and forms that are both found and manufactured. These forms are aggregated to breathe the life of his original characters.

“Outside Your Box" is Riches concept that confronts the cliché. He dares the viewer to step outside their “box” and confronts them with a not so ordinary idea. He takes everyday life and tick tocks its foundation.

Solo(s) Project House Studios: Marc D’Augusto, Ninapilar Daniels, Rebecca Jampol, Josh Knoblick and Terina McKinney.

972 Broad St.
Suite 1
Newark, NJ 07102
T: 973.688.8079

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