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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Polite Conversations w/ Rocky Wood

I hope you remember this lovely beauty. She was Chainsaws and Jelly's Creepy Girl Friday. You check that post here.

Rocky Wood formerly known as Rocky Whood from the Whoods Family Band. Why did the "H" drop and what happened to the amazing band? I hope you know that you all were an amazing band and it was an honor that you played at Chainsaws and Jelly's Red Velvet event.

Wow, you like to get right into it, eh, Sheena? Ha, it was actually never Rocky Whood- I think you're the only one who called me that! It always was and always will be Rocky Wood. The "H" came from "Hood", from Robin Hood, Robbin Rich, when we started making music together, forming The Whoods. The band came later, involving different elements, thus becoming The Whoods Family Band. Thank you for your compliments, it was an honor to play at the Red Velvet! Unfortunately, all great bands must come to an end. The classiest way to explain why we broke up? One of the members was being naughty.

Here's a little unknown fun fact: When we started The Whoods, we conferred that it could be pronounced with either a "W" (The Woods) or with the "H" sound (The Hoods) just as the words "Why" and "Who" can have both pronunciations, but I don't think i ever heard it once pronounced with the H.

I've been out of the loop ever since you moved but when can we expect the upcoming album " Part Dark Matter?" Who was involved/part of the album? Is it a lot different than "Shh...It's A Secret" album?

I don't think there IS a loop to be out of! It should be coming out real, real soon. I'm antsy for its release myself. I wanted to include as many people as I could in it, so I'm holding out just a little longer. If I'm being vague, it's because I want to! So far I have tracks with Pistol and The Man From Somewhere Else, hopefully more names to add in the next few days. Pistol also produced a couple tracks on it, and mastered it, which is real exciting for me- getting to play them shits loud without being horrified. Thanks Pete!
I'm not a good objective judge of my stuff, so I'm not sure it's a lot different than Shhh... it probably is, though. More "rappy" if that's a word, and less one-track minded. I guess more diverse. Because I was travelling while making it, there's more "sample" tracks, less original music than Shhh. Next album is gonna be all original, though, which I'm excited about. 100% Rocky Wood. Well, 50% Rocky Wood, 50% Rocky Reason.

When working on an album, most artists use a lot of emotions, high/low points in their life. Please explain "Part Dark Matter."
Ah, yes, those good ol' emotions. Well, if you know me at all, you know I'm not the world's most happy person. In fact, I am quite cynical and think almost everything is pointless. I try to combat that feeling with love and whatnot, so on the polar end of my bleakness is a huge warmth- almost a kind of desperation- a hope that my caring will make all the ugly somehow beautiful. I think Part Dark Matter deals with those extremes. My apathy vs. my acute sensitivity. But who the fuck knows. has a lot of dope musicians. How did you become part of the Slangcorp crew?
During the making of "Shhh... It's a Secret", Shape (of Slangcorp) asked me to be on a track with him. I really liked how it came out so I asked if I could put it on the album and he said sure. After the album came out, all (most? some?) of the Slangcorp dudes really dug it and Pistol asked if they could put it on the slangcorp site. It was as simple as that. There was no sort of initiation, or gangbang involved (though a girl can dream)-- sometimes I'm not even sure I AM part of the Slangcorp crew! Um, am I, guys? Well, anyway, I'm honored to be a part of the madness, in whatever way, so thanks for making Rocky Reason accessible to a wider audience, and for free.

You're a traveler, a gypsy at heart. You were recently overseas meditating and reflecting. Well, what did you learn from your trip, lady?

I learned that it is very hard to be disconnected (from everything- talking, reading, writing, internetting), but that every once in a while it is good for the soul. To just be with YOURSELF is an amazing thing. And also quite frightening. To hear all your thoughts, one by one, without distractions of any kind. You get to learn a lot about yourself, about how your wheels turn, and sometimes what you find out about yourself isn't very pleasant. But knowing what you hold on tight to is the beginning of being able to let it go. Which is all I really want out of life-- To just let things go without getting all worked up.
I also learned that there are still places that look like fairy tales, and that I eventually want to live in them.

I've spent time with you and find you just as creepy as I am. You were Creepy Girl on Chainsaws and Jelly as well. What are some of your creepy traits?
I wouldn't want to scare the readers right before the release of my album. But since you asked....... I like to talk a lot about bowel movements. I like little boys. And I'm addicted to porno. That's all you get... for now.

You've got a lot of skills on your belt: music, dancing, filming, etc. What other hidden ones do you have?

I'm the world champ burper, or belcher, if you will. No one I ever met has ever been able to match my burping skills. If you think you can (dear readers), email me, we'll have a burp-off, via video if necessary.

I'm also an aspiring magician.

Thank you Miss Rocky for taking time out to have this conversation with me so how about you end this with a bang! 

Um, BANG! I'm not good at shout-outs, but I'm sure the people who I like know I like them. Actually, they probably don't. I'm kind of mean to my loved ones! Nasty habit. Anypoo, I LOVE YOU ALL. Especially Sheena for having me dirty up her page. Love ya, woman. You do good work. I see great things in your future.
Dear readers, look out for Part Dark Matter not coming to stores near you, but hopefully Slangcorp will let me dirty up their page once again. SOON SOON SOON. Support your local raptress in this male-dominated biz; I could use it!

We are so proud that her track was used in Rachel Roy's Spring 2010 lookbook. Go Rocky! If you aren't familiar with Rachel Roy, she is a designer for Jones New York. Check the lookbook and hear Rocky Wood's track in the background:

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