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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Polite Conversations w/ Bee of Patiri Photography

It's been a busy one for Chainsaws and Jelly! We have a back up on Polite Conversations and we are slowly working on them while the site is being revamped! Yes, the site will be changing into something bigger, something brighter! Hoping to launch in a few months with the help of an amazing woman. For now, sit back and enjoy!

Little ol' Miss Bee, tell us how you got started with photography.

In 2006 I had some pretty serious health issues and after the fact I decided that I wasn't doing shit with myself and wanted to start pursuing my life differently. So I put my super hero cape on, picked up a camera and started to shoot every single rapper I could find. Turns out I wasn't too shabby at it and grew up into my big kid shoes from there! I really don't use super expensive equipment or lighting. I use pretty standard shit. I just go by what my gut and eyes tell me will work and use the daylight and my surroundings to bang out whatever I'm envisioning in my head.

It's ok to name drop, name 5 emcees you have had the honor to photograph.

I'm really proud of all the people I've been blessed to work with and I've put a ton of effort and time into getting those shoots and names on my resume so I'm definitely not afraid to name drop! First off though if it wasn't for the local cats who believed in me when I started I wouldn't have shit so the most love goes out to them. But that being said a few of the more well known artists and groups I've had the pleasure to shoot are:

DEL the Funky Homosapien, Lil Brother, The Souls of Mischief, Strong Arm Steady, and Evidence.

2010 is the year for all the go-getters. How have you been living up to this? What's up your sleeve?

What you put into your craft is what you will reap from it. I network my ass off! Seriously, I'm constantly shamelessly promoting myself and my photography. I send mounds of emails and editorial kits to loads of magazines and might never hear shit back, but they sure as hell won't forget me cause they will get another email in a month with new shit and bigger names. Then one day they won't be able to ignore me any longer cause my resume will be so full of superhero camera greatness that they will just be like “fuck, she earned it, lets give her a check and start publishing her shit.” I'm fucking tenacious with my career!

Coming from Salt Lake City Utah, what's the scene like with hip hop and art? Is it like a big family like out here in Jersey/NYC?

The art scene here is impressive we have tons of artists of all styles in graff and in other works and its pretty unified for the most part. Its been growing steadily for years and been getting more acknowledged and supported by all types of people which is dope.

As for the hip hop scene, it could be a giant family, but of course just like anywhere it has its bullshit. There are a lot of people who just want to be doing what they do because they love it and love hip hop. Those are the people who have become like a family here and the others get left in the background. There really isn't time for hating on anyone if your doing what you love and supporting the people doing the same. No one has time or the patience to be dealing with some jilted whiner who thinks he's owed the whole world for nothing. There is too much competition for that here. There is some seriously hard working artists in this city and you can be swallowed easily if you don't put in work.

"Keeping it humble." How does this statement help you from the moment you wake to the moment you sleep?

Its the best way to keep your head on straight. Its simply staying true to who you are and being thankful for everything you are blessed with. I will forever be thankful to the people who supported me from the start. I refuse to be anyone else than my really ridiculous, clumsy, and a lot of times awkward self. And I don't need anything more than to be happy doing what I love for the love of it. Why do anything if you aren't legit in your grounds for doing it. Keeping it humble is doing it for the love.

We have a lot of things in common. Who and what are your influences?

Artistic influences are: Estevan Oriol, Craig Wetherby, Ricky Powell, Claw Money, Revok, Tough Love{a.k.a J hearts}, Matt Miller, Martha Cooper, oh and YOU miss Sheena She.....and many more! I'm inspired by a lot of women who do what they love and go big!

Influences in general: My mom and dad. My brother. My amazing crew of friends. All of these people are my biggest influences they are the largest part of my life. I don't feel like I could ever thank them enough or show them just how important they all are to me.

As you grow, what mark are you trying to leave with your photography and as a whole?

I just want people see the rad shit I see. Whether it be gritty, nasty, isolated, urban or whatever I just wanna show it through my eyes and hope people embrace it. I just wanna do what I love doing. Maybe put a book out one day or work for amazing people all over the world. Maybe be part of something bigger than who I am. Whatever the mark I leave is, I want to leave it having a blast.

Love goes out to the following: Dusk, Scarecrow, Honna, Brant, Cathy, Alaina, Melissa, PigPen, TML Crew{which harbors a ton of artists, rappers, and dj's} all my ladies who support me, and all the duns who have supported as well!

And huge love to Sheena She for the opportunity to do this! Its a honor to be interviewed by someone who inspires me!

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